BRXTN is primed for a breakout

BRXTN is primed for a breakout

“I ain’t asking no questions just patient for blessings.” That’s a direct quote from rapper BRXTN on his latest single “Fake Love.” If the music is indicative of the future BRXTN won’t have to be patient much longer. Great production under smooth vocals is how I’d best describe his sound. Half parts rapper half parts singer, BRXTN delivers on what has become a familiar sound. He expertly navigates through the current soundscape in rap and sounds like he may belong at the top of the charts.

Uncharacteristic of the average Hip Hop artist currently, BRXTN seems to be well polished and strategic. Along with his latest “Fake Love” single he has released an accompanying documentary of the same name. The documentary can be found on YouTube. In the doc BRXTN (real name Braxton) waxes poetic about his start in music in his home town of Ashland KY. He speaks to his growth as an artist and brings us all up to speed on where he is now at this stage in his career. The documentary is short and sweet, squeezing in at only seven minutes and forty-five seconds, The documentary does an excellent job of bringing us up to speed on who BRXTN is as an artist and a man.

Color me impressed. Combining the music with the documentary is a great touch. The new car finish on the music and visuals takes things to a completely different level. Check out the documentary here. Listen to the “Fake Love” single here. And definitely follow BRXTN on Instagram. Who knows? You may very well be tuned in to the next breakout star.

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