BTCtoUSDT, StableCoin USDT debit card release

BTCtoUSDT, StableCoin USDT debit card release

It has released a debit card with cryptocurrency that can be easily used in everyday life, such as booking tickets for BTCtoUSDT based in Switzerland.

BTCtoUSDT announced on the company’s official website that it has released ‘USDT Card’, which is a debit card for cryptocurrency.

Users can trade with a BTCtoUSDT card using the USDT held in the BTCtoUSDT account. BTCtoUSDT card directly converts bitcoin encryption money into USDT (USDT) stable coins for payment.

BTCtoUSDT explained, “The existing payment of cryptocurrency debit cards was only possible when users charged a certain amount of cryptocurrency in advance, but BTCtoUSDT cards can be used conveniently as the conversion between currencies takes place immediately.” Payment details can also be checked on mobile and PC versions.

BTCtoUSDT cards are available in all countries around the world. It also announced that VISA affiliated ATMs worldwide can be withdrawn at no withdrawal charge.

The issuance of the card is under supervision by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

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