Building a $10 Million-a-Year Business During COVID-19: AD4M Fitness

Building a $10 Million-a-Year Business During COVID-19: AD4M Fitness

Building a company has always been hard. Nothing good ever comes easy, and building a company can be a very good thing.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, 2020 has been a challenging year. Aside from the general difficulties of growing a company with the emergence of so much new tech and automation, the COVID-19 crisis has been an absolute nightmare for new businesses. This is especially true for businesses in the service industry, such as airlines, gyms, and more.

AD4M Fitness has defied the odds in a simply spectacular fashion by not only starting a company and growing a profitable business in the middle of the pandemic, but growing the company to over $1 million per month in revenue, with projected sales north of $10 million this year.

Founders and husband-and-wife couple Vincent and Monika draw from their unique and diverse backgrounds to create the ultimate work team. Vincent is an Italian-American from a history of hard working families, and a US Army veteran with an incredible passion for fitness. Monica, from a rich heritage of hard-working Polish families, brings a unique set of business experiences, ingenious ideas, and simply hard work… with plenty of fitness passion to match.

They’ve built AD4M Fitness into a premier gym-equipment producer, supplying desperate gyms with barbells, dumbbells, and much more. 

“My wife & I have been tackling all kinds of new challenges with manufacturing & importing equipment from overseas, and the logistical challenges of fulfilling 400-500 orders a day across the United States [are large]. Amazingly enough, [we’re doing this] all with five main products. If we can achieve this, the sky may be truly the limit,” explains Vincent.

Early on, Vincent and Monika approached an overseas steel manufacturer focused on auto parts, and negotiated with them to start building cast-iron Olympic-style weightlifting plates using the same raw materials and machinery they used for the auto parts. This ingenious move allowed AD4M to generate high-quality products at significantly reduced costs, helped keep overhead low, and thus gave them incredible gym demand. 

Here’s a description for AD4M’s dumbbells:

“The FlexBell Adjustable Dumbbells are a modern day work of art. They come in a few different sizes but we decided to carry only the heavy duty 65LBS version.

These are incredibly compact, sleek, and easily adjustable with the flick of your wrist. The 65LBS (130LBS total weight) dumbbell set sells anywhere from $599 to $2,000 plus shipping anywhere on the net but here at Ad4m we’re able to offer them at an unbeatable price with free shipping anywhere within the continental USA.” (Source)

What’s next for AD4M According to Vincent, “[We have a] new line of gym equipment, sponsoring power lifting & strong man events, and a line of athletic wear [in the works]. We aim to leverage our early success to invest in building value & public awareness into our brand. The long term goal would definitely be to establish US-based manufacturing and go public.”

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