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ICNA’s Great Initiative of Virtual Dawah

ICNA’s Great Initiative of Virtual Dawah

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has always been unrelentingly working towards improving itself as one of the most prominent associations for community services, literacy, and welfare services, especially for the Muslims of North America. ICNA strives to bring Islam and the Muslims of North America closer and well-connected. For achieving its purpose, ICNA has always been ahead of the time to introduce new and innovative ways of providing services to the people.

ICNA’s Virtual Dawah

The global pandemic with hundreds andthousands of dead, mass protests with innocent people killed on the streets, natural disasters on all sides, and the greatest recession in nearly a century has left millions in shock and despair.Many of us are puzzled about what course to take when planning for a future that looks, unlike everything we’ve ever known, experiencing loss, anguish, and ambiguity. In these uncertain times, when everything has been badly affected by this pandemic’s carnage, Dawah’s beautiful process has also been affected. Life will have to be compromised because of this pandemic. The damage done by this pandemic is irreversible in most cases, and people are still trying to get back to normal life. The USA has not escaped from this chaos, and all the life activities have been paralyzed. ICNA but adapted to these changes and life-altering events and have taken a step to ensure that the essential services must not be impeded by any situation whatsoever.

Just like all the activitieshave beenshifted online now, Dawah will also continue online platforms to facilitate the people. It will tie people more closely to Islam in these worst phases that the world is going through. This shows that ICNA never compromises working for the North American Muslims’ welfare. It tries to ensure that they are positively impacting people’s lives while also making sure that they are living up to their aims of community services. ICNA has taken many great initiativesfor providing literacy to the Muslim community living in North America.

The level of commitment and dedication that the ICNA’s team are putting into achieving the set objectives of supporting the Muslim community in North America in almost every phase of life is commendable.They have been successfully able tostrengthen the roots of this association into the region and in the hearts of the Muslim community. The Muslim community also truly appreciates and supports ICNA’s services, which in turn results in donations for the association, which is then spent on the most required welfare purposes. 

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has made arrangements forthe 2020 Dawah conference, “Islam: The Solution in Times of Confusion.”World-renowned speakers will highlight how Islam offers solutions to Muslims’ problems in everyday lives and how one can overcome them while supporting each other.This conference is an extremely commendable display of the ICNA’s efforts in solving the problems and queries of the Muslim community. This conference is a treat for Muslims struggling to survive in the modern world while ensuring Shariah and the Quran’s compliance.

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