Business Influencer Munish Maya on setting goals and manifesting success

Business Influencer Munish Maya on setting goals and manifesting success

Most people face this issue of not understanding what they want in their life. They feel that their life has no purpose & direction left. That feeling of complete void inside them kills them every second of the day.

Munish Maya, who is an award winning Mindset Coach & Life Strategist, focuses on this aspect as many people out there are looking for answers for the same. In his consulting & mentoring sessions, he put up a couple of questions from people, Do you feel lost sometimes or missing the spark in your life and Do you find yourself unmotivated and find it hard to make decisions?

He addresses that the key step to achieve success is by setting powerful and purposeful goals.

Mr. Maya says that direction is more important than speed, many are going nowhere on full throttle. Maya, who is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker has undoubtedly mastered his life and now is helping millions to master theirs. He gives assurance to people that they are not alone in this journey and there are many others out there who are experiencing the same with their life.

Setting purposeful goals helps you to determine what you truly want in life. If you know where you’re headed, You’re more centred and in control rather than life controlling you, says Maya. He added that successful people write down their goals and are internally motivated to continue forward. It enable them to conveniently track their progress on a regular basis.

According to Munish lifelong experience and wisdom he tells that being directionless or losing spark is the result of a life long of peer pressure, family expectations, etc. Since the beginning of childhood children are programmed in such a way that they are unable to think about what they want in their lives. On the way to meet society’s expectations, people get diverted from their path.

Munish Maya explained the same by saying, Everyone has born with a unique Life Purpose. It’s like a compass guiding you over life’s path. Keeping you cantered, focused, and aligned with what matters to you and what you want from life. Whenever you feel the same again, Do not rush to find the solution in the outside world. Take a moment, Breath and try to keep your mind align and trust the process. You will find some solution within yourself. Because life is not complicated, your mind is. So try to calm it and see the changes in your life.

Like most things in life the goal Setting process is a skill that most be honed. So start practicing it in your daily life you will surely see the best results in your life.

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