Mehdi moslehi: Behavioral classification

Mehdi moslehi: Behavioral classification

1. Operators only

Such entrepreneurs basically work alone, or hire several employees if necessary. In the beginning, most entrepreneurs start their business this way.

2. Active partners

Active partners are the type of entrepreneurs who start / run a business as a joint venture. The important thing about them is that they are actively involved in running the business. Entrepreneurs who are only responsible for financing business organizations and do not actively participate in business activities are simply called “partners”.

3. Inventor

Such entrepreneurs can invent new products with competence and innovation. Their core interest lies in research and innovative activities.

4. Challenging

This group of entrepreneurs has dedicated themselves to the industry only because it is full of challenges. Whenever they think they can handle a challenge, they look for new challenges.

5. Buyer

These are entrepreneurs who are not very interested in taking risks. Therefore, to reduce the risk of starting a new business organization, they prefer to buy the developing organization.

6. Permanent entrepreneurs

Business is considered an integral part of life for this group of entrepreneurs. Usually, family-run organizations and businesses that rely heavily on individual skills are classified as such entrepreneurs.

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