Canadian Virtuoso Chris Goma Taking Over Los Angeles by Storm

Canadian Virtuoso Chris Goma Taking Over Los Angeles  by Storm

Chris Goma is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, & singer-songwriter raised in Ontario, Canada. His parents fled the Rwandan Genocide & escaped through his father’s full bright scholarship to Berklee College of music months before he was born.

Goma was introduced to playing instruments started at an early age, as his father bought him a keyboard at seven years old. By twelve years old, he fell in love with bass guitar & arranging instrumentals. By fourteen, he had learned complex jazz standards & wrote his first lyrics.

Chris Goma took his first leap of faith when he moved from Guelph, Ontario to San Diego, California in August 2014; street performing to make ends meet in Balboa Park. He developed a style of marketing himself on Instagram as a result, by practicing various instruments at home & recording himself. Over the years, Goma built his online fanbase to over 30,000 people globally.

In April of 2019, Chris Goma was contacted by Los Angeles based Treacherous Records, eventually signing with the independent label in May. On February 18th, 2020, Goma released his first single “Show Me”.

Chris Goma has seen early success with his first two releases, having over 40,000 plays on Spotify; with “Passion” hitting over 20,000 & “Show Me” approaching 20,000 plays in a little less than 4 months.

Chris Goma has worked with several artists, such as Levi Seacer Jr., P1, Geneva White & has a single “Passion” featured on LA rapper Problem’s debut short film, A Compton Story.

He released a brand new single, “People Talking” exclusively on Soundcloud & Youtube June 16th. Chris Goma & Treacherous Records are currently in the works to release his debut album this summer.

Goma’s relatable & approachable nature is reflected in his music. He creates in a diverse range of genres, including R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop & more. Goma’s productions tend to have a cinematic undertone to them, regardless of the genre. He is currently living in Los Angeles recording his upcoming project. Catch Chris on Instagram: @9goma

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