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Cao Son Nguyen Gets Back Again With To CamNhi Series

Cao Son Nguyen Gets Back Again With To CamNhi Series

It’s been months since Vietnameseballad piano artist Cao Son Nguyen released his“I found you” album. On Friday (Nov.8) he returned to revitalize his career, and some of worldwide’s biggest hits, on their covers “To CamNhi” series, starting Vol.1.

The 2-track collection is a walk down memory lane of US-UK sonic history with Cao Son Nguyen distinct artistic flare melded into it, adding something a little edgy and a little provocative into songs from artists including Perfect and Thinking Out Loud, the two top songs of Ed Sheeran in 2017.

Perfect,” a hauntingly captivating recreation of Ed Sheeran in 2017, and so does Thinking Out Loud.

The songs were released via a pair of contrasting music audios, with “Ditto Music” offering up a revelatory, sometimes deadly, wedding where the members of the act serve as the grooms to their drag queen brides, and both of them putting forth a beautiful, yet chilling, gothic fairy tale. 

Cao Son Nguyen released their first album, Piano Cover Collection Vol.1, in 2012 and have gone onto become one of Spotify Piano Artist most prominent, provocative male acts, also recognized for his solo careers. 

Take a listen to his ToCamNhi Vol.1 single below: 

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