Helo brings your favorite game in your language

Helo brings your favorite game in your language

The world is rushing into, if it has not already reached, an information stream ruled by social media handles and platforms. It is no wonder that a large number of sports franchises and sports stars have likewise taken to social media in a bid to create and establish an active and engaged fan base for themselves.

Social media has truly changed the equation between sports and the viewers, creating a bridge where the viewers are not just mute spectators – Viewers have become active cheerleaders, commentators, and critics at every point of the game, sharing their reaction to a game or a match. In a country like India, where sports, and in particular cricket, have such a huge active following, social media opened doors for the fans of the game to come together, discuss and share their point of view, and even to get instant updates and information, all in their own languages and from a wider platform. The Helo app is one such platform that is witnessing a steady increase in sports-related content sharing as well as news, views, and opinions from Indians across the country and the globe.

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Helo’s user-friendly interface that makes content creation, consumption and sharing easier, its availability in 14 different regional languages, as well as its commitment to taking down and eliminating fake news has made it a leading platform for sports fans. Helo allows sports fans to not just receive information about the games they love, but to engage with like-minded people, and share their ideas and opinions in the language that they are most comfortable with. Helo friends’ groups have mushroomed in all languages, and for all sports activities and events, from the ICC World Cup to local matches. In fact, the Helo social media app supports a large number of content creators whose primary focus is sports.

To further reach out to the wider audience who consume sports, Helo also celebrated the ICC Cricket World Cup by launching a #CheerforIndia campaign, which urged the fans on the app to post original content to cheer team India. Helo Indiafurther partnered with the India Wheelchair Cricket team for Asia Cup 2019, as the team sponsor. Such direct engagements helped the platform to open itself up to a larger group, bringing more people into the mainstream discussions of sports, and creating a diverse yet inclusive group united by language and their love for the game.

In a country like India, where cricket is more of a religion than a game, the Helo app fills a very important niche in India’s social media scene, by allowing regional language users to come together and engage more directly with the game. Sports also serves as a unifying factor for the community, allowing people to cross their multiple differences and come together to engage and promote the game and the players. Social media platforms like Helo thus also become the launching pads and support groups for many local and regional sports players.

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