Changing the landscape of financial world through his discrete services is Pierrick Jamaux

Changing the landscape of financial world through his discrete services is Pierrick Jamaux

This young budding businessman has developed a unique and creative financial platform “hi” built on blockchain.

Technology has given rise to many young talent individuals. The world has witnessed tremendous change in working methods influenced by technology and social media platform. Technology and youth are complementary to each other. Meet one such astonishing personality of financial world, who has changed the era of working amazingly by implementing most innovative technological advents and advances – Pierrick Jamaux. Mathematics is the most favourite subject of Pierrick Jamaux. He loves the number game. His unique skills and art of implementing the work with his pro knowledge has made him esteemed entrepreneur.

Pierrick Jamaux was born in Versailles in 1998. He completed his graduation from one of the top engineering schools – Ecole Centrale Paris. Right after accomplishing his education he started working as a bank trader in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong. Pierrick always wanted to do something unique in the business world, so decided to quit his current job and decided to start his own luxury concierge business. It was not like walking in a park to quit a good job and to start business with nothing, but his determination, resilience, ability to take risk, his knowledge and most importantly his dedication for his work has made it the perfect decision.

After short span of time he sold his concierge business to a tech company as he wanted to explore to the global platform and met with right team named – “hi” and became an essential part of it. With his skills, he strives to change the way people see banking and crypto. “hi” is a not-for-profit financial service platform, which strives to be a catalyst for global financial inclusion. Built on Blockchain, hi is powered by its membership token, the hi Dollar. The team at hi works very efficiently to grow the  ecosystem and drive mass adoption of fiat and crypto services. They also ensure applying strict KYC measures to ensure compliance to regulations.

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