Charting a success story as a true-blue multipreneur is Jordan A. King

Charting a success story as a true-blue multipreneur is Jordan A. King

He is today known as the king of diversifications, who has dived deep into multiple industries and made waves in each of them.

There are two types of people in this world, ones who are dreamers and those who are also action-takers. To be in the latter category is easier said than done. Still, a few rare gems in the world chose to be action-takers and created milestones in their chosen industries. Often the path to success is more difficult for people who belong to humble family backgrounds. They must pave their path to success on their own. Jordan A. King was amongst them, who did not have anything easy in life. His parents struggled as kids and teens but ensured their kids had everything to be grateful for. This young man, who began as a 12-year-old paperboy for a local newspaper, hustled every day. He made sure to accept challenges and go under the grind to become a success story. Today, he is a successful multiple business owner. He spearheads “Alexander King Enterprises”, a holding company, which is also the parent company to four of his businesses.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of business? The young business talent quickly replies, saying, “To provide more value to people and do something that could make for an inspirational success story, especially for the youngsters to know.”

King also played Junior A hockey for the Mississauga Chargers Organization. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame for scoring the first-ever goal in 2009 in the new OJHL semi-pro hockey league. That drive and competitiveness which he learned in sports is radiated in business.

King increased his knowledge by studying at the University of Guelph. He also gained a certificate from the Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc.. This education helped him to make waves as the founding partner of TUK Capital, TUK Developments Inc, and Choice Renovations Canada. TUK Capital is all about specializing in creative financing and turnkey developmental projects as a consulting company. On the other hand, TUK Developments Inc has been thriving as an 8-figure real estate holding company that owns a wide portfolio of rental properties, containing different property types from single-family homes to multi-family and apartment buildings. The third firm, Choice Renovations Canada, has made it huge as a construction company with services like new constructions and home renovations.

For limiting risks and ensuring growth, King focused on diversification, which also helped him survive the pandemic. Along with his business partner, he could make multi-million-dollar real estate deals amidst trying times. Interestingly, King also jumped into the entertainment sector to diversify and founded a record label. This project grew into a promotional marketing agency and partnered with large liquor companies and international auto brands.

King recalls that he used to be an artist on his own record label and would record his songs and host live shows. He even worked in artist development, did talent booking developing and the management of many well-known artists. In fact, the formation of one of his firms, TUK Capital, resulted from his exposure and networking in the entertainment business.

Jordan King today excels at providing jobs, helping people build credit, create affordable housing, getting people their first homes, teaching financial literacy, investing, among other things. He is also a philanthropist, helping his community in multiple ways.

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