Citizen Schraider is Making Music his Business

Citizen Schraider is Making Music his Business

Citizen Schraider has been making big moves lately as he has been secretly stacking up projects with his label SMG. As he continues, most of Haiti will be watching the rappers come up. The hip-hop artist interacts with people on social media consistently and it helps to increase his popularity. Citizen Schraider is doing every possible effort to make his country popular for its artistic talent. And he utilizes various platforms such as YouTube to go viral by creating exceptional and super-catchy music.

In today’s digital age, everything seems to be fast-paced and available at a moment’s notice. With that, it seems to be harder and harder to capture someone’s attention. As online media grows and our attention spans become shorter and shorter, music artists are beginning to put out music faster and faster to retain attention from their fans. Along with this movement is Schraider Romalli, AKA: Citizen Schraider.

Citizen Schraider is an up-and-coming rap and Haitian trap artist from Brooklyn, New York. Combining smooth Haitian flows with hard, bouncy instrumentals, Schraider is creating a unique sound with mass-appeal. This Haitian rapper from Brooklyn is the next big thing in hip-hop music. He sticks with the authentic beats and meaningful lyrics. Over the period of time, he has become popular for his refreshing lyrics, that are honest, raw and hard-hitting. With all these positive intentions, this shows that Citizen Schraider isn’t just focused on rapping about getting rich. Instead, he sets out on a mission to help Haiti around him through music. 

With tons of rappers entering the London scene every day, very few have come on as strong as Citizen Schraider and his newest release of “24Ba”. This Haitian Creole single has recently been the talk of the town as the song speaks directly to his now thousands of listeners.

Check out his video below.  

Citizen Schraider
Instagram – https://instagram.com/citizenschraiderofficial
Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/imrealcitizen
SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/

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