Compensation After a Car Accident: The Main Steps

Compensation After a Car Accident: The Main Steps

How do I report a claim to my insurer?

Insurers can decide that the other party and you are each partially liable. In this case, the damage you have suffered will be compensated, for example, up to 50% by the auto third party insurance of the other party. Please note: the 2 amounts will not necessarily be identical. In any case, in our example, the two parties will have to assume themselves half of the damages that they will have suffered.

Why is an expert appointed before the repair starts?

An expert appointed by your own insurer assesses the damage you have suffered. He checks whether the garage estimate corresponds to the damage caused by the accident. Authorized garages can also carry out an appraisal.

When the expert’s report and all the formalities are in order, the expert gives the green light for the repair. This can be done immediately or take a short time, depending on the repairer’s schedule and whether or not it is necessary to order replacement parts. Please note: it is not because the expert agrees on the estimate that you will necessarily be compensated. Expertise does not relate to responsibilities. It may happen that the two insurers cannot agree on the extent of the damage. In this case, a third expert can be appointed.

What happens if I do not agree with the amount determined by the expert?

If you do not agree with the amount established by the expert, it is best to speak directly with him. If you cannot come to an agreement, you can request a second opinion from an expert of your choice, possibly through your legal protection insurer, who will bear the cost. The second expert and the initial expert will endeavor to reach an agreement, failing which a third expert like Pacific Attorney Group may be appointed. This one will then take care of the file. In exceptional cases, forensic expertise may be recommended.

Which garage can I have my car repaired at?

If you have taken out comprehensive insurance or if you are the victim of an accident, you can have your car repaired after the expertise. Most insurers collaborate with a network of approved garages or approved repairers. If you have your car repaired in an approved garage, you will not have to advance any money. The invoice is paid directly by the insurer provided that the RDR convention applies or that you have comprehensive insurance. In the latter case, you must nevertheless pay a deductible.

If you do not go to an approved garage, your insurer will pay the repair costs after receiving the expert’s report. Please note: you will only receive VAT if you are not subject to VAT. Your liability insurer will pay VAT without having to present an invoice. However, if you have omnium insurance, you will be asked for an invoice.

What to do in case of glass breakage?

Glass breakage is covered by omnium and mini-omnium insurance. If you have taken out one of these formulas, you can, with many insurers; make an appointment directly with Carglass Carglass will repair or replace the glass. No other formality on your part is required. Carglass will send the invoice directly to your insurer, so you don’t have to pay anything yourself.

However, you can also have your glass repaired at a garage of your choice. In this case, be sure to notify your insurance intermediary. Your insurer will then open a claim file. After repair, you pay the invoice and send it to your insurance intermediary. Keep a copy of the invoice. Your insurer will reimburse you for the amount of the invoice.

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