Dubai’s Fashion Blogger Mert Turkmen Taking Over The Internet

Dubai’s Fashion Blogger Mert Turkmen Taking Over The Internet

The fashion industry is booming. Several bloggers and influencers have self proclaimed themselves as the best name in the business. Mert Turkmen who is popularly known as Fashion blogger, was born in Turkey but is based in Dubai. Born in a high-class family, However, he decided to go into restaurant management in dubai to please his family. But destiny had different plans for the blogger. He soon landed his job as a Restaurant Manager for the galliard dubai. Mert believes that nothing is impossible in life and that everyone has the calibre to live a wealthy lifestyle.

The turning point in Mert’s life came just after his first job in dubai. When many top brands including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Versace, Armani, Alexander McQueen and Burberry approached him to endorse them. Well, that helped Mert get into the fashion industry and become a top name. Mert is also a huge sports fan and when he is not working, he loves to do things like skydive and bungee jump and martial arts. He also prides himself on having a great mind for betting on sports like football, horse riding, golf, F1 racing. Betting is actually one of the key areas in which he excels. It ‘s one of the main things that supports his lavish lifestyle.

He is currently looked upon as one of the top motivational figures in the fashion world. His goal is to be as successful. Moreover, Mert believes that it is really important to have a good heart aside from living a wealthy lifestyle. “Having a good heart is the most precious asset which is intangible to everyone”, he said. Based on his extraordinary multitasking skills, Mert surely knows how to juggle multiple businesses. That’s what makes him efficient, he is well on his way to becoming a global millionaire. To know more about Mert Turkmen and his adventurous life, you can follow him on Instagram.

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