Jaliel Thompson Takes Coaching Client from Zero to Six Figures

Jaliel Thompson Takes Coaching Client from Zero to Six Figures

Jaliel Thompson, founder and CEO, Thompson J. Enterprises, LLC (DBA Jaliel Thompson Coaching), has done it again.  He recently reached much notoriety and was featured in the Press for helping a nursing aide go from minimum wage to 6 figures in 90 days.  Today we are reporting that he helped a United Postal Service (UPS) driver start a Pressure Washer Business, and within 6 months that Business was generating revenue more than 9k monthly.

A man in his mid – 20s contacted Thompson to help him get out of financial restraints.  Him and his girlfriend had a baby coming, was homeless, and just not making ends meet with only his income.  He had years of pressure washing experience but had only used it for recreational purposes.  He wanted to start a business and retire from his job as a local UPS worker.  Knowing it could take years to do this alone he hired Thompson and team to position him to make this a reality.  In a recent interview Thompson stated: “We had only 6 months to make this happen, but we were confident with our experience and business expertise we could accomplish this. “

Thompson’s team worked together to help this client meet his challenges head on.  They helped the client start a company (Sure Restore Pressure Washing), get it registered with the state, and placed on major contracting networks.  They boosted his social media accounts to reflect his new business and the magic started happening.  The client began to get calls for service.  After the first month, the client had surpassed his income as a UPS worker and was motivated to put all his efforts into his new formed business.

After 6 months, the client had more clients than he could service and hired an assistant.  His business scaled to 6 Figures averaging 9k a month and he fired his boss.  From his success the client’s girlfriend was motivated to start her own business and is currently pursuing her aspirations.  Today his business is growing and is listed in places such as yelp and home advisor.  The two have purchased property, no longer homeless and he is an advocate helping people step out on faith and take a chance on their hidden potential. 

Thompson and team win another one.  Whether people seek to achieve more balance, reduce stress, gain more self-esteem or reach any other personal or professional goal, Thompson and his team are ready to take on the challenge.

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About Jaliel Thompson

Thompson transformed his life through mentoring and coaching. He’s a certified professional life, executive and business coach who trained at Life Coach Institute of Orange County. Since 2012, he’s been helping to edify, empower and enlighten people in all walks of life. Online and one-one-one coaching are available for men, women and families. He’s served more than 10,000 clients and looks forward to helping many more.    


-From Zero to 6 Figures in 6 months (Business Owner)

-From Minimum Wage to 6 Figures in 90 Days (Nurse)


-$25,000-$100,000 Client Challenges

-Multiple 6 Figure Clients

-6 FIGURE Coaching Months

Over 10,000 Clients Served since 2012


For more information: https://offer.jalielthompsoncoach.com/jaliel_ebook

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