Cut a good figure – shapewear

Cut a good figure – shapewear

What used to be called bodices, corsets and support bra is now shapewear. Figure-shaping underwear has been accompanying women for centuries and helping them to perfectly stage their figure. In contrast to its predecessors, modern shaping underwear is extremely comfortable and therefore a reliable companion for the whole day.

Shapewear – what is it actually?

Shape means nothing more than form in German. That is why it is fair to say that best black Friday shapewear gets your in shape. How? Through the power of the right fiber and a well thought out function. The core of shapewear is the robust, elastic material that encloses the body contours in the shape of the item of laundry. With a gentle compression effect, the skin and upholstery are gently pressed inwards. Depending on the model, there are also preformed or padded cups, bodice inserts or other reinforcements Pants for the thighs, as tights or as a dress. Strictly speaking, push-up bras or bras with underwire are also shapewear, precisely because they shape your cleavage appealingly. The compression or shaping effect varies depending on the model – you can either use it to shape individual body parts or the entire upper body area.

What does shapewear bring?

When it comes to shapellx official, we should first dispel one prejudice: it is not primarily about looking slimmer. Just like Hollywood stars, you also use shapewear to get the best out of yourself. Shapewear smooths the contours and makes skin folds or unwanted rolls disappear under the fiber. This means that you can wear tight-fitting clothes or body-hugging clothing in general for every body shape. Shapewear also improves posture because you automatically stand a bit more upright in it – especially if you are wearing a formal dress or high-waisted panty. Of course, you look a bit slimmer when the contours are smoothed out and the cushions are gone. But your great, natural body shape is retained. And that’s good!

What is a body shaper?

A body shapewear for women that covers the entire upper body. Here, the cleavage, stomach, hips and waist are in the foreground at the same time. Some models also take care of the thighs. The shapewear body is, so to speak, the premier class of shapewear and should be used when you want a flawless appearance from head to toe.

What is the use of tummy trousers / underwear?

For many women, the stomach is problem area No. 1 and prevents them from wearing tighter clothing or approaching certain types of pants. The tummy trousers provide a remedy. Here, the compression force is mainly in the lower abdomen, so that the typical small mound is smoothed out. For these Shapewear is mainly for sheath dresses ideal or other pieces in which a small belly bulge would disturb the contours. A great plus: The transition from the upper body to the legs is also skilfully staged. A little more hourglass silhouette? So no problem at all! Abdominal underwear is also extremely comfortable and therefore suitable for everyday use.

How do you find the ideal shapewear?

The most important thing for a convincing look is your well-being. And shapewear should emphasize that, not prevent it. That’s why it’s best to take a very careful look at the selection and heed the following tips:

  • First, consider which part of the body you would like to shape primarily. That depends on your general stature and of course the clothes you want. Shapewear is basically comfortable, but also a change. The more precisely you shape, the better!
  • Incidentally, this also applies to the shaping degree, because it differs in different products. If it’s all about the contour, light and medium shaping pieces are more than enough, especially if you’re an androgynous guy anyway. You can shape sharp curves with stronger shaping effects.
  • The secret of the shaping should remain your secret: So make sure that the pieces are not visible under your clothes. Would you like a narrow, high-waisted pencil skirt with a slightly transparent blouse? In that case, shaped trousers that end under the skirt waistband (and of course above the hem!) Are better than a shaped body that you would see under the blouse.
  • A formal dress with a dress is a good idea because you cannot see any transitions between top and bottom under the fabric.
  • If you choose a shaped catsuit or body, you can save yourself the search for the rest of the underwear.
  • Always buy shapewear in the right size. The temptation is great to do even more for the body with smaller clothing sizes, but then you will achieve the opposite: Firstly, you hardly get any air, secondly, you feel tight and as a result you create even more rolls at the transitions.

With little tricks to the perfect figure

Innovative fabrics made from a combination of elastic and soft materials nestle comfortably against the skin and ensure high wearing comfort. The shape effect is created by the skilful cuts and the effective support function. This results in body shaping that is completely invisible from the outside. The current shapewear starts out as lingerie in Hollywood. The glamorous dresses of the stars do not forgive unnecessary curves on the stomach and hips. That’s why movie stars and starlets like to fall back on the practical shapewear to make their stomach flat and hips well-shaped. Starting with the form slip, shapewear begins its triumphant advance in the linen cupboard.

Experience your figure

Shaped skirts and dresses as well as bodies and tops With a shape effect, all of which work discreetly and invisibly to create a miracle of figure, have now become indispensable in many women’s wardrobes. The solid items of clothing provide support in the right places and cleverly hide problem areas. If you only want to conjure up a flat stomach, you can use formal briefs or waist belts. The whole silhouette is formed by dresses, bodies and catsuits. Shaped trousers and leggings conjure up beautiful, slim thighs. Tops with a shaping effect that can be combined with the usual bra are particularly practical. In addition, these tops can be used variably, as a multiway bra worn with them, for example, adapts to the garment. A push-up bra is the best choice for a spectacular cleavage. In addition to the great effect on the figure, shapewear has another decisive advantage: dresses, tops, skirts and even jeans suddenly fit like a glove. The dream dress, which previously did not want to slip over the hips, now slides down easily, the jeans fit without pinching and even after a delicious meal, the figure-hugging top does not stretch over the stomach. It is therefore advisable to use the newTry on the evening dress or the tight pencil skirt with shapewear so that you can immediately assess the fit and appearance. In addition, it may well be that the shapewear makes half a clothing size or even a whole size disappear, so that the desired size can finally be worn without dieting. Even women who are completely satisfied with their curves like to wear figure-shaping underwear, as every piece of clothing fits perfectly even when moving. An unbeatable advantage for making an optically unforgettable impression on the job or at an event.

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