Cyber Boy Corporation: Protecting businesses who fear not the investment but the security on internet

Cyber Boy Corporation: Protecting businesses who fear not the investment but the security on internet

The technology has paced the digital business more than ever. Now, there is almost everything on the internet, but the problem is that of security. Even if you create a great business start-up, someone coming from nowhere can grab your idea and ruin your dreams by just stealing it. The cyber crime has increased with a rapid pace. Many an institute have been attacked and many are still prone to the theft of information; not mentioning some top-secret website that have been hacked too. Gone are the days when one was more attentive to his/her physical security. The world we live in, it seems more important to secure our information on internet than just to think about physical safety. The word used for this theft is called Cybercrime. So, do you want to protect your website and your information? Then, most probably, you are looking for CyberBoy corporation. Let us go through what CyberBoy Corp. is and what it does.

Cyber Boy Corp. is a cybersecurity company in Beverly Hills, Ca. Established on 3/19/20 and wholly owned by CyberBoy Corp., The company is planning on opening their doors to the public in 2022, but currently offering security and investigative services through its affiliate.

Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO Roy Andrade is raising financial capital for his tech startup by offering executive protection, private security, and investigations services to high net worth business owners and top-level executives of multi-national corporations. He is working endlessly to finance future tech projects that he believes will impact the world.

The CEO of the company, Roy Andrade says, “If anyone is thinking about starting a business, be prepared to work 24/7, because if you don’t, somebody else will and take all your customers in a blink of an eye.”

Cybercrimes caused over $3 trillion in damages in 2019 according to several studies, statistics, and well taken researches. So, it leaves no doubt in that the cybercrime is, indeed, a dilemma, and is here all surrounding us. By 2020, there will be more than 3 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs.

Cyber Boy Corp. wants to create a better approach in helping to fill in the gap. If we canand protect information systems worldwide, but, as always is said, the United States wasn’t built over night. An ocean of hackers is being born and trained with the developing technology; and advancement in AI has also created a tidal surge of demand for ethical hackers often called white hat hackers. So, Cyber Boy Corp. is in for a treat.The United States, according to Roy Andrade, the CEO of CyberBoy, is the most targeted country in the world when it comes to cyber-attacks. He further revealed that the cost of the average data breach to a U.S corporation is $7.91 million.

CyberBoy is working with Pangaea Visions to manufacture, and distribute a line of products, which will be sold at selected locations. Pangea Visions is a clothing brand with extraordinary services. They are collaborating for making t-shirts printed with the logo of Cyber Boy Corp.

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