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D.Beezys favorite foods and music

D.Beezys favorite foods and music

D.Beezy tells us what his favorite foods are and his go to music choices

A lot of rappers and recording artist not only have different tastes in music, but also when it comes to foods.
You would be very surprised at some of their answers. We sat down with American Rapper and Recording Artist D.Beezy as he lists a few of his favorite foods and why as well as his go to playlist and music.

1.What would you say is you absolute favorite food?
“It’s a really close race honestly. I love Hot Wings but I also love some steak, But if I had to choose I would go with Hot Wings for sure. You can’t ever go wrong with wings.”

2.What is your go to snack?
“Honestly it would have to be some type of hot chips, I’m not even picky on those really.”

3.Do you drink soda? What is your favorite?
“I really don’t drink soda. Every now and then I may have a Dr. Pepper if I do drink a soda.”

4.Can you cook and what is your favorite meal to cook if so?
“Yes I can cook. I’m always in charge of cooking and seasoning the meats. My favorite thing to cook would have to be steak. A good marinated steak is the way to go!”

5.What is your guilty please when it comes to food?
“I’m not sure that I have a guilty pleasure in food but one thing I can’t live without is coffee. I try to limit it, but it’s like my drug. It’s my go to for sure.”

Ok, so we know about your favorite foods. Now lets talk about music.

1.What type of music do you like outside of rap?
“Country! I know a lot of people probably wasn’t expecting that but that’s my go to really. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or not feeling the day, I usually go to my country playlists.”

2.Speaking of playlists, what is your go to?
“I have a few really and I listen to music on Pandora so it’s not really playlists as much as it is a station but my go to playlist is Money Bagg Yo. Then of course I have Machine Gun Kelly on there, a Black Youngsta playlist when I’m feeling like turning up and then of course my country playlists.”

3.Do you listen to your own music?
“I get asked that quite often actually and the answer is sometimes. I listen to my songs so much during the recording process that the newer ones get old to me fast but I do go to my Pandora Radio Station from time to time to listen to some of my music. It plays a lot of dope independent artists as well so that’s where I discover some newer talent.”

4.You said you like country music. What artist do you listen to mostly?
“Well on my Pandora, I have the Luke Combs Station and it plays a variety of different artists I like. But that’s the station for sure.”

5.What type of music did you listen to growing up?
“My sister listened to a lot of NWA, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Run DMC and artists like that which had a heavy influence on myself and why I even do music, But my parents listened to bands like Def Leopard, Motley Crue, Poison and so forth. My first concert was actually Def Leopard when I was 8.”

So there you have it! D.Beezy lists his top foods and his top music choices. To find out more about D.Beezy, you can follow him on social media listed below

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