Dare To Bare: Lyca Island Bikini Calendar 2022

Dare To Bare: Lyca Island Bikini Calendar 2022

While most of the world will face the chilly winters in January next year, Lyca Island, the world’s first crypto island and micronation in Belize, will launch its hot bikini calendar. The management will open its doors for freshers who wish to foray into the industry with their bold moves. The management will soon upload a dedicated form on their website, which will allow models to apply directly. As per the requirement, the models must be from India as the calendar is planned to be shot in New Delhi, India.

Lyca Island is setting up the world’s first crypto island and micronation on a 7.5-acre island in Belize. Lyca Island is slated to launch its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in early 2022, through which the company is proposing to raise over US $50 million. Lyca coin is already traded on Pancakeswap with US $46 million of market capitalization, which topped over US $200 million in October. A little over 1,000 people have already invested in the project. The company is proposing to launch its large-scale marketing campaign in December this year, through which the company will target to add 15,000 new holders.

“Our bikini calendar will have an outdoor theme. The calendar will be shot with two models who will represent six months of the year. We will also be uploading videos of our calendar event being shot so that our proud investors can better relate to the calendar. The intent is to bring eye candy which can greatly enhance the brand recall value,” said Rahul Kumar, Co-Founder of Lyca Island.

Lyca Island offers e-citizenships and will start distributing the e-citizens from mid of December this year. Over 6,300 people have applied for the e-citizenship. The experts think that Lyca coin may give substantial returns in the next few months as the island is striving to become a tax haven where people can easily incorporate their businesses and conduct crypto banking with a debit card. The upcoming IEO will decide the future of Lyca Island, which has more considerable capital needed to build the world’s first dedicated crypto space.

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