Day Day Sustaaa Big Breakthrough

Day Day Sustaaa Big Breakthrough

Have you ever wondered why Louisiana was known for their unique, cajun flavor? That is because their spice and originality defines who they are. Louisiana-made people, especially those from Baton Rouge, have their own slang, and style. Their uniqueness comes from within, it cannot be duplicated because it has been embedded in their roots, the “Jig”. Ladayja Haynes has that “Jig”, and it is her new upbringing flavor, representing her city, that separates her from your average artist.

Ladayja Haynes, who is known as “DayDay”, is a rapper and actress, known for her Baton Rouge flow, as well as her creativity in her humor.

Rap is one of the few genres of music that has been around for a long time, in which has been reinvented throughout different eras. Now, Ladayja “DayDay” Haynes is expressing her originality through her rap music.

Haynes has always shown an appreciation for art in all forms. As a child, she greatly admired her Mother, as well as her brother, Honey. The untimely death of Honey is what led to a big change in Haynes’s life. Not only did she begin investing more time and effort into music as a way of paying tribute to her brother, but also discovered a way of leading an independent lifestyle, and was able to overcome this traumatic experience.

Hayne’s rap career began before her brother’s death and was initiated by one of his friends. Haynes was also inspired by her god brother, “Truebleeda”, who was a rapper in her hometown, who was also killed early on this year. She started by practicing girl Gangster rap, which appealed to those around her. Unfortunately, when her brother died, it made it difficult for her to obtain all of the strategies of rapping, at the young age of 14. Despite all of her hardships, today, Haynes is one of the top rappers from Louisiana and has completed eight successful years of her rap career.

As for Haynes’s involvement in the acting industry, there is quite an interesting story behind it. While Haynes has been actively rapping for almost a decade, she has not made it her main source of income as of yet. Instead, she was choosing to work as a DayCare teacher. Her passion for children, and ability to interact with them through simple activities such as drawing, was a plus point. During the pandemic, she was unable to maintain the job. In an attempt to keep herself entertained and active, Haynes began making videos on Instagram, sharing her creativity.

Ladayja Haynes has recently understood the amount of fame that she has already achieved at her concert in Milwaukee. The enthusiasm and appreciation shown by the fans of Haynes, has encouraged her to keep working hard and continue creating music. Not only making music that speaks to others, but also a reflection of herself. In the future, she even wants to work with top artists such as Latto and Tyler Perry. Haynes has put all of her faith in God, in order to achieve all that her dreams desire.

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