E-girl Waifu Mia – The making of a star social media influencer

E-girl Waifu Mia – The making of a star social media influencer

E-girl Waifu Mia is the next big success story on the block! A young girl has made it big in the social media arena and is continuing to grow by the day. Waifu Mia is a dynamic example for every young girl or boy who dreams to achieve big with practically nowhere to start.

Hailing from a small average town in Canada, Waifu Mia broke the glass ceiling when she made a career as a strong social media influencer. With a background where academics are encouraged and appreciated to succeed, Waifu Mia did turn many heads as she made it in the digital world.

At just 16 years of age, Waifu Mia was awarded an academic excellence award and a full dance scholarship at a prestigious University in Canada. She was already on track to become a nurse and have a fulfilling career.

But the fame goddess had different plans for this amazing girl. After joining social media and making goofy videos and dance videos, one of her dance videos went viral on Tiktok and hit 100 million views in a short time. And Waifu Mia has never looked back since then!

Her dance video on the popular song ‘Dance Monkey’ got her instant fame and made her an overnight sensation in the world of Tiktok.

So, when fate came calling, Waifu Mia left the career path of being a nurse and entered the world of social media. After her video went viral and hit millions of views, famous e-girl influencer and Waifu’s idol Belle Delphine DM messaged her saying “I love your aesthetic you remind me of me!!”

For a fangirl, like Waifu, this was a watershed moment and everything just changed after that! The amazing recognition and appreciation from Belle Delphine just pushed Waifu Mia harder to work harder on content creation and become an even better influencer.

She is currently nearing the 2 million mark of followers on Instagram (@waifuumia) and has 400k followers on Twitter. She has over 250 million views on Tiktok and is hungry for more! She has truly become a superstar and continues to soar high.

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