Definition of digital currency according to Sinan Ezam, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

Definition of digital currency according to Sinan Ezam, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

Digital currency is among the assorted types and sorts of money produced in line with cryptography principles.

Advantages of using currency and digital wallet:

Using a digital wallet, all platform information and user identity information must be encrypted by the SSL protocol, as during this case, there will be no ability to steal information from them. During this case, all processes, and operations desired by users, like entering the platform, withdrawing assets, and changing the password, are drained two-step verification. one in every of the most effective ways to avoid wasting capital is to use a digital currency wallet that has investment security for users together with a well-proportioned and high-level infrastructure for users. And for this reason, they are increasingly welcomed.

1- Transparency of transactions in digital currencies

A critical security feature of digital money is ensuring that every transaction is transparent and recorded. The open account book ensures that a transaction is fully completed and recorded within the public register within the blockchain. Changing and manipulating this transaction is impossible, and everything is recorded forever.

2- Easy transfer of digital currencies

Currency password transfer is straightforward; you will be able to send a large amount of digital money within the blink of an eye fixed. It does not matter what quantity. With just an accessible wallet, you will be able to quickly transfer any amount digitally to a different wallet anywhere within the world, but this transfer includes any low fee.

Security of digital currencies

Digital currencies have a blockchain network, and every transaction requires the approval of all blockchain blocks, so it is unattainable to hack the network. Within the ten years since the creation of the Bitcoin blockchain network, no hacking attacks have been reported online.

3- Global access to digital currencies

The decentralized nature of digital currencies makes them accessible everywhere around the globe. With digital currencies, currency cryptocurrencies have become a precise stage for international trading, unlike traditional money, which needs bank approval to transfer money.

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