Description of real estate construction by Mr. Hooman Zirobam (Pirveysi). Popular Iranian entrepreneur

Hooman Pirveysi, nicknamed Hooman Zirobam, born in September 1990, is one of the largest property builders in Iran. He has experienced many abilities in industry and various categories of work. We throw.

Definition of construction industry

Construction is a general term that means the use of architectural art and technical knowledge to form buildings, structures or structures. Construction includes processes related to the delivery of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities and related activities until the end of their life. The industry usually begins with planning, financing, design, execution, construction, and covers maintenance, maintenance, and improvement work.

Types of construction

The construction process from the beginning to the end is not an easy task. Construction always requires a lot of money and investment. Although the construction of the building takes time and is a tedious task, but the result will be a permanent and lasting asset for us. The process of building construction is a systematic work done by skilled people. Therefore, care must be taken in the construction process of any building. Before planning, building construction projects should consider important aspects of the home construction process such as purpose, financial ability and time. Every type of construction plays an essential role in the conceptualization and formation of this industry. From stadiums to bus stops, major streets to hospitals, the construction industry is shaping the world around us.


Implementing infrastructure means laying the foundation for anything that helps connect cities and rural areas. This type of construction can include roads and bridges. This type of construction is vital for the economy of any country and there are various jobs in this field.

For construction, get help from a professional architect to create a plan or plan of the building and use his advice. An architect will prepare a plan based on your needs and budget that suits your taste and budget. After consulting with the architect, choose a construction engineer and talk to him or her about the details of the construction process, such as the foundation, the width of the columns, and the building materials needed.

– Organizational and commercial buildings

Are you ever excited to look at the skyscrapers? Do you enjoy designing towers? If so, you will definitely enjoy building organizational and business structures, as it fosters your creativity.

The activities of this department include the construction of structures such as high-rise offices and office towers, stadiums, schools, hospitals, service centers, libraries, art galleries and museums.

History of launching the company and the Instagram page of my music below

This page and music company Zirobam was established on June 8, 2017 and is one of the top music pages and companies in Iran. This page has been able to become a large company and collection with a lot of people with effort and perseverance. In this field, he has been directly employed, all the activities of Zirobam Music to expand the music and talents of young singers and to flourish and get better at the professional level of music, Zirobam Music has even been able to support and support this. To a series of poor singers who do not have the financial ability and to bring these singers to what they aim to show the company’s ability in this area

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