Devin J. Ricks Makes His Name Known Within Our Entertainment Industry!

Devin J. Ricks Makes His Name Known Within Our Entertainment Industry!

Devin J. Ricks is an American Film Director. His most recent breakthrough film (Love Cycle: Situations PT. I) was recently featured in AMC theaters. The plot follows the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows of three very unique love affairs and the drama that follows their relationship. Today we had the opportunity to chat with him about his career, goals and personal journey.

Ricks lets us in his world by sharing his childhood fascinations while also explaining he didn’t think embarking on a journey in the entertainment business would require so much sacrifice. After his academic endeavors, graduating from Morgan State University in 2013, he spent his time pursuing his dreams full time. Although things haven’t been easy, Devin says he wouldn’t change a thing.

The recent success from his new movie, Love Cycle: Situations PT. I; from his Love Cycle Saga, was created during a rough space in time for him. Devin says the pandemic was a challenging time, but also gave him the extra grit he needed to complete this film. After his near decade hiatus from directing, he felt the pressure coming back to the film world was stronger than ever.

While also staying busy, Ricks had other endeavors outside of film that kept him busy & productive. His brands, Dev TV! & The DJR Experience is what he says are “branches” from his personality that allows him to be creative culturally among his peers. Dev TV! has allowed him to do media coverage for networks such as BET, VH1, MTV etc. by interviewing today’s captivating stars. The DJR Experience (his lifestyle brand) keeps things fresh with exciting apparel, fragrances, events (nightlife & entertainment) among other things. He’s had great peaks with his clothing apparel “No More Apologies” by having celebrities wear & showcase his line on social media & television.

Although Ricks is just getting started in our eyes, he’s been on the path to greatness for quite some time now. Devin says, “things are finally having the impact I want and I can’t wait to see where my journey leads me next.”

To check out the latest projects from Devin J. Ricks, be sure to ring the notification bell on his social media profile via Instagram: @prime_time_dev.

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