Directed and sung by Alin Bagheri in the acclaimed music video called “Bazandeh” (Loser)

<strong>Directed and sung by Alin Bagheri in the acclaimed music video called “Bazandeh” (Loser)</strong>

Alin Bagheri Music video Director and singer appears in his music video as a singer.

First, about the music ‘Bazandeh’ (Loser) is about someone who loses love because of betrayal and felt lonely and insane.

The story in that music video is about a girl who loses everything in her life and became insane and lives in a madhouse room. doctors tie her because they don’t want that she hurt to herself.

and doctors give her medicine to make her keep calm. but she tries don’t accept any medicine and looks like she is in a new world like imagination.

finally, she unties herself and eats black medicine, and goes into delusion. Where she is on the roof of a tall apartment and wants to jump down.

Alin Bagheri Directed this part so well and use all material to show the feeling of that girl, especially cold color grading for this part can give us this feeling she is hopeless, and of course good Visual Effects.

Parallel to this story about the loser girl shown in the music video, Alin Bagheri shows a dancer (a boy) who inspires the viewer with symbols of despair and loss with his show and eloquent movements.

Undoubtedly, the music video of ‘Bazandeh’ is one of Alin Bagheri’s strong creations, which is well made with cold color grading and shows two stories parallel to each other in the locations of a hospital and a ruined house with many symbols of despair painted on its walls.

Alin bagheri appears and sings in the Black Back background and in Ruined House.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alinbagheri/

Alin Bagheri Website: www.alinmusic.com

Bazandeh on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVLTE-ieKRo

Bazandeh on VEVO: http://vevo.ly/fIm8GJ

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