Perfect The Art Of Embracing Imperfection – Sairaj Matkar

<strong>Perfect The Art Of Embracing Imperfection – Sairaj Matkar</strong>

We all strive for perfection and wish to unlock our most actual potential in everything that we choose to do. Sairaj Matkar is no different when it comes to this. The 19-year-old CEO of Acexmedia is a meticulous and intricate working man whose work and contributions have proven to be impeccable. Like any other entrepreneur, Sairaj aims to achieve heights and take his company a long way. For a long time, he thought “perfection” was the key to success until recently, he discovered otherwise.

Growing up, Sairaj showed a keen interest in problem-solving and was mesmerized by the subjects of Maths and Science. He has devoted great hours to bridging the gap between scientific curiosity and creativity. Acexmedia is the result of this and his excessive need to attain perfection. It isn’t just the work domain where he expects perfection. His need to achieve perfection goes beyond himself and on to the outcome produced by his employees. He holds no place for mediocrity and hires only those as meticulous as him. As readers, we might expect that having “perfection” definitely ensures success. However, the reality is the opposite.

Sairaj went on to share during an interview how his obsessive need to aim for perfection landed his company into losses once. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist and want everything to be as perfect as possible. Therefore, I spent countless hours researching things and did little to no implementation. It was all theory, and there was no feedback loop,” shares Sairaj Matkar. Running behind perfection led to little or no implementation, dragging his company down the success ladder. It was then that Sairaj Matkar was determined to change the course of his thought and actions.

Embracing imperfections while striving for perfection is what describes Sairaj the best. He hasn’t given up on attaining perfection but has just adopted a flexible approach to achieving perfection. He now holds the mindset of working hard and trying to perfect his ways but, at the same time, leaves room for some imperfections and uncertainty. It did seem daunting at first to go from a perfectionist to someone embracing imperfection, but what is an entrepreneur who does not take risks? If an entrepreneur can grow willing to change his outlook, reconstruct his ways, and embrace imperfections, why can’t we?

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