Discovering A New Way To Live with AXO Talent Blake Dalessio

Discovering A New Way To Live with AXO Talent Blake Dalessio

Blake Dalessio is the founder of AXO Talent™, a versatile media production, digital marketing, and talent consulting agency that focuses on producing engaging content, establishing marketing solutions, and guiding ambitious visionaries. Alpha X Official believes in pursuing a career that involves doing what you love professionally, and designing a new way to live. A movement that provides a sense of hope & inspiration for misfits out there who want to turn their dreams into a reality. Since the launch in 2017, AXO Talent has helped over 1000 alphas globally, and continues to constantly improve each year with new adaptations. After all, becoming an alpha means continuously becoming the best version of yourself.

Blake Dalessio is a skilled Director, Editor, Writer, Cinematographer, Artist, Actor, Model, Designer, Talent Consultant, Brand Architect, Marketing Expert, Project Manager, Networking Liaison, Web Developer, Sales Expert, Travel Connoisseur, Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Philosopher, Sociologist, Philanthropist, and self-proclaimed Chef. AXO Talent focuses in personal branding, media production, digital marketing, graphic design, creative direction, business communications, e-commerce, talent consulting, online education, brand development, project management, event coordination, and travel counseling. With top of the line equipment & over 10+ years of experience producing professional media, they can confidently deliver high quality content for almost any project. Delivering engaging social first content is one of the most impactful forms of media when executing a digital marketing campaign.

Additionally, this past year they have evolved by introducing three new sections of AXO Talent as well. AXO Global provides international travel experiences alongside talented visionaries. Alpha University is an educational video platform that teaches aspiring young visionaries the essentials of becoming a business leader. It teaches the supplemental skills necessary to pursuing a career path in the media, marketing, and talent industry. Students that graduate get the chance of becoming an alpha in the AXO Talent pack once they show they are ready to level up professionally by passing an exam. Lastly, they have introduced the “Alphas” podcast, shop, and community. The mission at AXO Talent is to spread global awareness that there is a new way to live.

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