Donovan Ruffin’s ‘Equity Cash Offer’ helps people with affordable housing

Donovan Ruffin’s ‘Equity Cash Offer’ helps people with affordable housing

It’s a boon I disguise for under deserved communities who find it challenging to own a home.

Not everyone can own a roof above their head as for many it’s a distant dream to purchase their own house as it’s unaffordable, but not anymore as Equity Cash Offer has come out with its affordable housing plans which makes owning a home, a reality for many communities who cannot think of owning one in their wildest dreams. Focussing on single-family homes, Equity Cash has developed its base across Texas, offering to help underserved minority communities transform their lives by moving into a better space.

Having achieved massive growth with more than 70 transactions taking place consistently every month, they have gained enough credibility in the real estate industry. “Real Estate is one of the biggest and the most important transactions anyone makes in their lifetime. Enabling people to achieve their dream homes makes a great difference, making a huge impact in people’s lives, and the world altogether,” says it’s founder Donovan Ruffin who has worked hard to achieve this position from where he can call the shots.

Equity Cash Offer is committed to giving the best to their clients by keeping the process simple. All a client needs to do is enter their home details on their website, such as location, repairs needed, and any other relevant information which might deem fit and Equity Cash Offer will give them the best possible offer according to their requirements. Once the client agrees, they need to pick a closing date and Equity Cash Offer will do the needful.

So far, Equity Cash Offer has focused majorly on flipping properties, says it’s founder Ruffin. However, plans are on for real estate development too, which will commence soon. The real estate company has built a solid foundation and is racing ahead at a fast pace to stand amongst the top players of the real estate industry.

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