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Don’t miss Terrance McMahon’s YouTube podcast series

Don’t miss Terrance McMahon’s YouTube podcast series

Terrance McMahon is known for his bestselling book SuperHero Self, countless motivational talks and workshops around the world, and most recently, his highly personal and revealing TEDx talk. Now, there is another platform on which to find new insights from McMahon – Your Voice to the World.

The recently established YouTube channel ran by McMahon in collaboration with speaker, filmmaker, and storyteller Eddie Pinero didn’t have to wait long to see its message resonate with their audience: the channel has amassed almost 300,000 subscribers in the three short months of being live.

Described as ‘a blueprint to do more and become more’, the channel’s regular uploads take the form of podcasts from McMahon and Pinero, discussing everything from their personal stories to their tips for success in all aspects of modern life. And they’re both perfectly positioned to provide advice – Pinero is a successful entrepreneur and not everyone knows that Terrance McMahon was once the founder and CEO of a multi-million-dollar insurance firm.

As you can expect if you’re familiar with McMahon’s work in motivational speaking and self-help, though, his main focus is improving the self, rather than reaching six-figure income.

McMahon’s overall key message is that of reinvention over repair, or recreation over improvement. Based on his life story and the moment of epiphany he experienced at the toughest moment, he developed the revolutionary theory that rather than fixing certain aspects of ourselves, we should focus on the bigger picture and recreate who we are from scratch.

This insight, as already mentioned, is based in McMahon’s own backstory. As he has bravely shared in his recent TEDx talk, his life was a series of extreme ups and downs – from being kicked out of college, jobless with a family to support, to becoming CEO of a successful company.

All of these changes were accompanied by personal troubles and difficulty in dealing with stress, which manifested in unhealthy behaviours. These ultimately led to him experiencing severe liver failure, and needing a transplant that was unlikely to happen in time – at one point, he was told he had 72 hours to live. Luckily, a transplant happened just in the nick of time, and McMahon survived.

Throughout his illness and subsequent recovery, he faced being labelled in certain ways that made him feel like there was no way for him to regain control of his life. That’s how he developed his method, available in the form of a 12-week programme outlined in SuperHero Self – reinventing oneself and starting over, rather than trying in vein to overcome aspects of our existing self and meet the unrealistic expectations we, and others, have.

The podcast presented on the new YouTube channel is a great way to find out more about McMahon’s journey and the lessons we can all take away from his self-reinvention. Not only that – most episodes feature a self-help, philosophy, or business strategy book that McMahon and Pinero discuss, enabling the audience to discover new authors and new insights.

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