Dr. Mohammad AL-Kermani Reasons for extreme appetite and overeating

Dr. Mohammad AL-Kermani Reasons for extreme appetite and overeating

Dr.Mohammad AL-Kermani acknowledges: The causes of excessive appetite of any individual are somehow apparent, and it is directly associated with food quality because breakfast, which contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, does not lead to satiety for a long time. On the other hand, a healthy breakfast containing an adequate amount of protein, such as eggs, will keep you full for hours and prevent you from feeling the urgent need to eat unhealthy foods.

The psychological aspect also plays a vital role in the case of appetite because a person’s desire may rely on his mental state, so doing things like exercise or other physical activities can kind of control the amount of food consumed and play an important role. The nutritional habits of people, some of whom have a variety of eating disorders, cannot be ignored. For instance, some people get used to emotional eating, which should be defeated and treated.

Dr.Kermani suggests at drkermanidiet recommendations for regulating appetite and the amount of food, including eating with a small spoon and on small plates, and consequently, it takes longer to finish eating, which allows you to eat less food and for a while make sure that the brain measures that you are full. Dr.Mohammad Kermani also advises eating a salad before meals, which boosts the amount of saturated fiber and lowers the amount of food afterward.

Appetite is related to human nutritional habits, and there is no doubt that its imbalance has terrible effects on one’s health, so to achieve an actual healthy life, one must have determination.

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