Dr. Simon Ourian’s Advice for Acne Scars Correction

Cases of acne breakouts are everywhere, with the count increasing as people are required to wear face masks due to the pandemic. With breakouts usually come acne scars, and they are very, very stubborn to treat.

Acne scars are small depressions or indentation in the skin, which may be moderate or severe; they are the aftermath of breakouts. Understanding what acne scars are is important as it aids in their treatment. They vary depending on size, shape, and contour; the most common types of which are ice pick, rolling, and boxcar scars.

            Luckily, there is a seasoned specialist for acne scarring located just in the heart of Beverly Hills, California: Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione. He has spent years of training in aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology; so much that he was able to develop a technology for skin resurfacing that addresses common skin concerns including acne scars—the Coolaser.

            The Coolaser technology cools the skin throughout the procedure, making the procedure a lot comfortable as compared with microdermabrasion or other lasers available in the market. Through it, light beams are projected on the skin’s surface allowing for the blemishes to vaporize microscopic layer by layer. With Dr. Ourian’s technology, recovery period is at minimum.

            The Coolaser is exclusively available at Epione Beverly Hills. Learn more about the technology and Dr. Simon Ourian at

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