Easy Money on trading. Is this possible?

Easy Money on trading. Is this possible?

The rapid pace of development of the global financial market has led to the creation of a huge amount of resources that provide access to trading assets and, as a result, to unprecedented methods of struggle for each potential client. Can you really make money with binary options? This question was on the top of search engines for several years. As a result, all this has caused the traditional methods of attracting new traders to begin to lose their effectiveness. Even the famous Exchange with a worldwide reputation and staff, the best specialists of the industry, in 2018-2019 couldn’t “boast” at such a rate of increase in the number of users as it was several years ago.

But any person with the so-called “commercial vein” will never engage in “self-flagellation” and complain about “circumstances”. He will begin to look for ways to solve the problem, carefully analyzing their “pros” and “cons”, study the methods of work of competing companies, and also check their effectiveness on real life examples. It is these factors that led to the emergence of non-standard trading platforms, original financial instruments, and unique algorithms that can significantly increase the chances of brokers to attract new users to their web resource. And one of the participants in the global financial market – Easy Money, which is the main topic of this review, is considered a good example of attracting new customers, using non-standard methods of implementing the task. If you explain in simple terms, without delving into all the technical nuances, then we can say that Easy Money is a trading robot that performs the functions of a trader :

  • selects financial assets;
  • analyzes the factors that affect the cost of these resources;
  • decides when to buy / sell assets;
  • monitors the situation in financial markets, etc.

As a result, even a person without appropriate education and experience gets the opportunity to earn decent money. But this is in theory (as it could be), but in real life everything is much more complicated.  

Easy Money review: key parameters and general characteristics of the resource

The most famous names of this service (except Easy Money ) are : easy money, 10 minutes to double the first deposit, plus 180%, etc. Developers’ resources relied on the fact that potential customers will choose the legal way to increase the capital (with the help of the Easy Money), without fear that their activities will be of interest to representatives of law enforcement bodies.

And the first important warning for beginners: before proceeding with the analysis of the potential capabilities of an interested person from an object, be sure to study all available information about it ( including reviews, comments from foreign colleagues ). This will allow you to create your own “portrait” of the service you are interested in, eliminating the possibility that someone will force you to agree with the opinions of interested parties. Nowadays, there are a huge number of methods of psychological impact on humans, which in practice have proven their high (90-100%) effectiveness.

The algorithm of the robot under consideration includes the following steps :

  • In fact, Easy Money works like a regular trader copying deals of successful users.
  • The Easy Money system collects information for each participant in the project, on the basis of which users select the most promising areas for investment.
  • Transactions that investors choose are automatically copied to their accounts (including applications for opening / closing operations).
  • Easy Money users redistribute funds between transactions that (in their opinion) are promising.

Easy Money authors about their project

The creators of the financial robot call it the ideal service for doubling capital, which is formed as a result of the redistribution of cash flows. This is what its creators say about this resource. And here, any person familiar with economic disciplines will be greatly surprised. To Akiha cash flow? Almost all financial resources in this case are user money. It turns out that the “doubled capital” you received is the investment of new customers? What is the name of this phenomenon? Even people who are far from investment activity are well aware of the answer to this question. Of course, the “financial pyramid”!

Most likely, at this point, many readers will close the page with the review in question, permanently deleting Easy Money from the category of promising web resources. But, not all traders consider this decision to be correct. While the “pyramid” is working, and its owners are fulfilling their obligations, users of the service have no reason to panic (by the way, officially, no one has blamed the creators of the robot for creating and implementing fraudulent projects).  

Positive characteristics

On specialized resources / forums and the official website of this financial robot, you can find a lot of positive reviews about Easy Money. But there is no guarantee that the “laudatory odes” were written by real users (professional copywriters can create a wide variety of comments on this topic).

To make a profit in the global financial markets, it is enough for the user to go through a simple registration, indicating his PAYEER-wallet ( other payment systems are not accepted ). The creators promise an automatic withdrawal of funds (be sure to check this question with representatives of the administration ), as well as a fee for each referral involved (10% of the amount of his investment). The amount of the first deposit is 2-5000 Russian rubles, which are the main currency of the robot.  

Despite the huge amount of negative information, Easy Money is not much different from other financial robots (many experts believe that their time has not come yet). At the moment, it is difficult to call Easy Money a trader, but given the potential of this direction of online trading, in the near future the situation could change dramatically.

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