Jeff Nelson’s Positivity As A Musician

Jeff Nelson’s Positivity As A Musician

Jeff Nelson is an up and coming musician, with a rapidly growing fan base of over 300,000 worldwide. The singer/songwriter released his first song 2 years ago. While on the rise to success and creating more hit songs panic was struck, the Novel Coronavirus shutdown began. The pandemic has prevented Nelson and other artists from touring and promoting their albums, but it’s only a matter of time before more people hear about this talented artist.

Jeff Nelson has a powerful and soulful singing technique that is reminiscent of many legends such as Shawn Mendes. He is also an inventive team player, who’s been inspired by the cutting-edge, electrifying style of old musicians. 

What makes Nelson’s music unique and contemporary, is that he’s not replicating these classic styles, he has created his own sound by infusing modern rock instruments and pop beats. As a result, his music sounds classic and fresh at the same time. 

It’s been quite the journey for Jeff Nelson Music, being a full time student at Drexel University with a scholarship for music didn’t come easy. With hard work, motivation, and determination his talent pushed him to be where he is today.

We are excited to see where Jeff Nelson’s music goes in the coming months.

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