Elon Musk Accelerates Investment in Next-Generation SNS

Elon Musk Accelerates Investment in Next-Generation SNS

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he has made many changes in the social media industry.

First, in order to turn Twitter’s years of losses into a profit, he made the Blue Badge available to anyone with a fee and a simple screening process.

Then, it changed its name from Twitter to X to make a clear distinction from the social networking site it had been.

In addition, the company distributed the proceeds from X to its creators to further stimulate the number of active X users.

At the same time, the company has already acquired licenses for crypto trading and payments in seven U.S. cities over the past week, and has set up a platform to enable crypto payments on X.

The company has also established Cryptopayments, Inc. and started issuing XBIRD tokens, meaning that it is now fully prepared for crypto payments.

Let’s discuss a few details about this token.

Holders of the token will receive a minimum of 500,000 tokens and, like the creators, will receive a share of the X proceeds.

As X’s revenues continue to grow, it is anticipated that the dividend will gradually increase, which will have a significant impact on the price of the tokens.

X premiums can also be paid in tokens.

It has also been announced that XBIRD tokens will burn a portion of the premium received from these premium payments on a regular basis.

In addition, by linking accounts to the blockchain, it is expected to play an active role in countermeasures against spoofing and BOTs, and will also make it possible to eliminate fraudulent accounts, which is currently one of the biggest problems with social networking sites.

In addition, prior to the introduction of this token, PayPal, which he founded, has already started operating its own token called PayPal USD, and has already completed data acquisition, making steady preparations for the creation of the blockchain-linked SNS that he is aiming for.

And the issuance of tokens, which Elon Musk, who has invested more than $44 billion, including the acquisition of Twitter, and has been creating his dream social networking service at an astonishing speed, has repeatedly said is the most important piece to realize his dream, has been reported as the hottest news in the crypto industry this year. The token, which Eron Musk has repeatedly described as the most important piece in realizing his dream of creating his own social networking site, was recently listed on UNISWAP and has already climbed 800%.

The market is now watching to see if the next big announcement will be a listing on the CEX or if there will be a surprise from the man himself.

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