Emerging Artist Peso Pootie’s Rise to Success

Emerging Artist Peso Pootie’s Rise to Success

Mark Anthony Crosby Jr., as Peso Pootie, is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s north side. He has been working tirelessly for years. Writing, rapping, and entertainment are all talents of Peso Pootie. He has always loved music, and the first time he realized he had a talent was when he used to freestyle for the entire school over lunch. Most rappers just rap and find the best words to rhyme, but Peso is different. He truly understands and feels the music.

On July 4th, all the major platforms released his debut album, Dead Roses. He has quickly established a reputation for himself, so keep an eye out for him. He was the opening act for many well-known artists, including 2chainz, Doeboy Fabulous, and a few other names.

Additionally, Peso established his own record company, FLY Termz. He is working with several excellent musicians who will release music this year. Soon, FLY Termz clothing will be accessible. Jay-Z’s genius business moves and his musical prowess have always inspired and influenced Peso. Apart from music, Peso’s children and family are everything to him.

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