Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has become an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has become an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

For Emily Alexandra Guglielmo, life as a successful international model and CEO of her own burgeoning ocean-safe, waterproof and cruelty cosmetics brand can certainly be hectic, but never boring.

We caught up with the American centerfold and visionary business strategist at the helm of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics to learn more about the lifestyle habits that have helped achieve colossal success.

1: As a self empowered female entrepreneur and an international cover girl, how do you balance beauty with business?

This is a very good question…when it comes to business, a lot of times I am behind the scenes and behind the computer which means most likely I’m not wearing make up – she affirms with a smile.

But I always make sure that I maintain self-care which for me is working out, going outside and eating right every day (or at least most days), when I take care of myself, my inner beauty comes out and I feel better overall and I get a lot more business done!

2: If you could give other young women like yourself a piece of advice on how to achieve their goals, what would that be?

I’ve noticed that I thrive on having a schedule and routine and doing it consistently. Each week could be completely different and I could be doing completely different things in a completely different state, however, every Sunday I recap for the following week and set my schedule up each day! This one little tip truly makes a world of difference in setting my intention for the week and getting stuff done.

3: When it comes to modeling, what has been the most rewarding professional experience you’ve had?

Every single time I model I feel as if it’s for the first time again so I have many many pivotal moments that were so epic for me, however, one that truly will always stand out is when I flew to LA in 2017 and got paid to do a shoot for Playboy TV- The Burn!

4: Your brand seems to be growing exponentially as consumers gravitate towards conscious beauty alternatives, what was the inspiration behind your ocean-friendly and cruelty free product line?

I have always been an ocean activist since I was a young child, as well as having the passion to help others in developing nations get drinking water, so I feel that it’s super deep down at the corner of me where it comes from and feel it only makes sense to have a product line that truly embodies strength and pureness ~ with a splash of enchanted branding that represents who I am.

5: With an impressive Instagram following and a successful modeling career, how do you find the time to run your company as well?

That’s funny that you say that, because, when I got started I did everything myself and quickly noticed that not only was I getting burnt out, I was losing my creatively and drive at the core of me. I read something along the way by Darren Hardy where he mentions “It’s OK to allocate specific tasks to those that do that well so you can maintain your sanity and creativity for bigger and better things.“

And I thank God for that today ! I couldn’t live any other way; I am so blessed to have a group of awesome people around me that believes in what I’m doing; it makes life so much better.

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