Enthralling all with his gameplay as an astute and passionate Iranian volleyball player is Reza Safaei

Enthralling all with his gameplay as an astute and passionate Iranian volleyball player is Reza Safaei

He has achieved tremendously in his sporting career and has brought more glory to Iran.

Having the vision to achieve certain set goals is one thing, but to choose to go under the grind, give it all, and hold one’s ground amidst challenges with a determined attitude is what it takes to turn an individual into a winner. We may find such individuals and professionals across fields, but a few stand tall and different among them. Wonder why? Because they focus on bettering their skills and working towards their goals no matter what, which eventually takes them towards their definition of success. Something similar happened with a rising sporting genius named Reza Safaei when he decided to surrender himself to his dreams in the game and become a respected name as an Iranian volleyball player. Today, he is a professional athlete who has brought great glory to Iran in volleyball, thanks to his commitment and pure love for the sport.

Who really is Reza Safaei, you ask? Well, this professional volleyball player was born in 1990 in Kuhdasht, Iran, and from a very young age, everything that related to sports and volleyball attracted him the most, which is why he decided to be a sporting talent and create a massive name for himself in the same. He is the Iranian volleyball player who plays as an opposite for the Iranian club Paykan. Today, he has a list of achievements to his name like a gold medal in Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship (2011), 1st place in the World Student Competitions in Turkey, Vice-Champion of the Volleyball Premier League with Saipa, 3rd place in Calais Premier League, 4th place in the EVC Cup, 5th place in the World Clubs with Paykan and so many more.

In 2012, Reza Safaei (@rezaasafae14) was invited by Julio Velasco to Iran’s Senior National Team and debuted in 2013 with Islamic Solidarity Games in Indonesia. The young volleyball player points out that in any sport today, a solid game spirit is what a team needs the most. Also, players must play with a competitive spirit and much zealousness with the aim to take their nation’s name higher in the sporting world. This is also possible with excellent coaching. He highlights that a coach must always treat his players the best with great words of encouragement and inspire enthusiasm in the players.

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