Royal York Property Management: Simplicity Backed by Powerful Technology

Royal York Property Management: Simplicity Backed by Powerful Technology

As smart as humans are, do you sometimes ever get the feeling that we are perhaps letting our innovations make our lives harder? Each day, there is a new app or platform launched that either “improves” upon its predecessor (but will still be improved upon eventually by someone else) or that just helps with one aspect of your life. “It’s definitely true in the business world. I think that as amazing as our inventions are, we often paint ourselves into a corner,” says Nathan Levinson, Founder and President of Royal York Property Management (Royal York), a leading property and rental firm, and Mateem, a white label tech startup for property management. “We surround ourselves with so many technologies and have to juggle them instead of solving the key issue: simplicity. We must be proactive and look down the road past today’s problems instead of reacting to them. That’s what I’ve done in the property management industry with Royal York and my software: see the bigger picture and provide a solution for it.”

Nathan says that landlords and their employees have a lot of strong software options that will help them to be successful with their workdays. “There is, on its own, nothing wrong with Salesforce or Slack, for example,” he believes. “They can help you accomplish a lot. However, the issue is that they are limited in what they can do. They can only help you so far with your business. Slack, for example, is not going to help you to process rent checks, sign leases, or see the occupancy status of a unit. To do that, you need something else. So, it’s the same story: you have to use yet another program, and your staff toggles back and forth between them, getting more burned out as the days pass. What’s needed is one program that handles absolutely everything.”

Nathan created Royal York to be that solution. “When I first conceived Royal York, I sat down and diagramed the entire property management, leasing, and rental process from start to finish,” Nathan relates. “Then I thought about all the things that so often go wrong: defaulting tenants and resulting legal bills, maintenance requests that are hard to track, inefficient staff – the list can go on. I thought about what should happen so that those problems are avoided, and I designed Royal York to be one place that would solve all of that. The result is what everyone wants whether they are the owner, landlord, employee, or tenant: simplicity.”

With Royal York, there is no need for employees to use multiple platforms. Instead, they have access to software that gives them the ability to see online financial reporting, track the occupancy or vacancy of units, view and track online maintenance requests as well as send out responses within 24 hours, screen tenants, and integrate all departments into one 24/7, online business. “It is a proactive approach to property management,” Nathan explains. “Why have your employees use all of these platforms when only one is needed?”

Royal York takes simplicity a few steps further by empowering its clients with 24/7365 service. “How many times has running your business been made harder because you couldn’t access help during off hours?” Nathan asks. “Our services are available around the clock no matter where you live in the world. That will make managing your properties a lot easier and free you to focus on what matters: productivity and profits.”

The backend of property management often slows down a company’s growth, so Royal York can take over rent collection, accounts payable, maintenance administration, and customer care for a monthly fee. “By passing backend tasks to us and having fewer tasks to juggle, your day will be freed up for you to pursue more important matters,” says Nathan.

Technology will always continue to evolve, of course. “That’s true of Royal York, too,” Nathan believes. “We will continue to set trends and take property management software in a more exciting direction. However, with Royal York, you can trust that our software will have already solved the problems of today as well as the problems of tomorrow.”

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