Belgium Police Arrests 23 People In Relation To Organized Crime And Drugs

Belgium Police Arrests 23 People In Relation To Organized Crime And Drugs

The case came into light when Xrypt encrypted phones were decrypted enabling the police to catch the criminal group.

The law of the land applies to all human beings. Regardless of the fact of which country who are in, the country’s laws, rules, and regulations are imposed upon every person staying and spending time on that land. Many different countries and regions have mapped local and international laws for citizens and touring outsiders. Any deviation or non-fulfillment of these laws results into breaching government rules and orders and can see punishment in terms of fines and imprisonment. Recent crime levels across the world have seen to be increasing day by day. One such criminal activity in Belgium came into lights but was tackled extremely well by the police. The case of decrypting Xrypt encrypted phones became popular among masses in Belgium and also across Europe which led to arrests of as many as 23 people belonging to different groups and gangs who were involved in organized crime and Drugs.

The case became an most discussed case and drew instant success when the Belgium Police were able to crack down on an encrypted phone provider network that was supposedly being used by different organized crime groups and gangs. These so-called group and gangs were involved big time in dealings of illicit drugs, murders, and weapons activities. After decrypting Xrypt encrypted phones, the police were successfully able to get critical information by recovering wiped chat, messages, and notes by making use of the IMEI number & cellphone tower tracking. After several investigations it was reported that that Xrypt’s devices falsely advertised IMEI changing options to its users and this led the Belgium police to catch the gang. These users paid high subscription prices for the encrypted devices that doesn’t work which worked in favor of the police in locating and arresting them.

Keeping a close tab on Xrypt users, police were able to get names and details of all distributors and clients involved in this criminal activity. Police were also able to retrieve vital information of suspects as they communicated with customized devices to plot drug deals and murders. The crypto communication of crime groups who smuggled large quantities of cocaine, heroin and organized crime was exposed.

The case has also drawn the Law enforcement team to monitor messages and attachments from the Xrypt network. The Belgium Police is probing further and more arrests are expected soon.

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