Entrepreneur Samuele Mura’s successful journey from Sardinia to London

Entrepreneur Samuele Mura’s successful journey from Sardinia to London

A dream called London and a passion and enthusiasm that knows no boundaries. These are the ingredients of the success of Samuele Mura, owner of a removal and transport company in the City.

This successful journey brought him to teach studednts at the University of Cagliari, an opportunity to illustrate the stages of entrepreneurship.

“An invitation that I didn’t expect and honored me because there will be very well-known companies from Sardinia and beyond”.

Samuele Mura has lived in London since 2014, with a thriving business in the City but his motherland in his heart. The most obvious demonstration is the brand chosen for the brand of its “Traslo Service Ltd”, a mix between the Sardinian and the United Kingdom flags. And also the composition of its team: five young boys from Ogliastra, alongside two Londoners and an Australian. “I opened my moving company in Jerzu in 2011 – he explains – then I realized that an important market was in England: I moved to London, I opened an office 200 meters from the stadium of Arsenal, joining my forces with those of my fiancée and a small group of Sardinian boys. From there we started, offering our experience and professionalism not only in the British capital, but to all those who had important transports or removals jobs to do in Europe: a choice that followed market demands and that rewarded us “.

The location of the headquarter is just few steps from the Arsenal’s stadium and that seems to have already been indicative of how much the world of football would have influenced the development of Samuele’s activity: “We started working with some soccer players and the notoriety which followed was enormous: since then we have collected important clients such as Mehdi Benatia, the former Milan player Mathieu Flamini, the great Juventus champion Giorgio Chiellini, and we have started a partnership with Crystal Palace, a Premier League club with 112 years of history behind us. A very important flywheel to acquire new and prestigious contracts “.

At Traslo Service, they all work as a soccer team, sharing ideas and helping each other.

Great professionalism, therefore, but no fear of mistakes. “This is another important element that I will bring to the attention of young Sardinian students – he explains – because in Italy there is still, too often, the fear of making mistakes: if you make a mistake at work, your business is a failure. Nothing more wrong than that: what the Anglo-Saxon culture teaches is that mistakes are a way to improve and improve “.
Last consideration on the world of the web and social media of which Samuele is a huge enthusiast: “Social media have been an important engine for me, an unparalleled showcase for making my business known to the world. Riding social media is central to start- up like mine, with little budget available but a lot of news to be known for: just choose the right message, the targeted audience and you’re done “.

If you want to follow Samuele Mura on his journey: www.instagram.com/samuele_mura

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