Exclusive Interview: CEO Jonah Fischer of Digital Asset Unicorn Plan – Sprinting Towards 2024, Expanding the Global Personal Digital Asset Market

Exclusive Interview: CEO Jonah Fischer of Digital Asset Unicorn Plan – Sprinting Towards 2024, Expanding the Global Personal Digital Asset Market

On December 31, 2023, international journalists conducted an exclusive interview with Jonah Fischer, the CEO of Plan Assets. As a leader in the field of digital asset innovation, Plan Assets’ triad model for asset custody led to a rapid surge in asset scale to 170 million USDT in just six months, achieving a remarkable 278% growth, attracting widespread industry attention. How to maintain sustained growth in 2024 has become a focal point of industry concern.

Following the major news release by Plan Assets, the reporter observed that Plan Assets received investments and collaborations from several strong enterprises. In a special interview with Plan’s CEO Jonah Fischer, we delved into his unique insights into digital assets.

The bull market has sounded its horn, and funds are flowing back!

At the beginning of the interview, we asked Jonah about his views on the current digital asset market. He stated, “The overall market performance is excellent, especially in the past 3 to 6 months, boosting the entire digital asset world.” Regarding the surge, Jonah pointed out that the creation of Bitcoin spot ETFs generated significant demand, and clearing Bitcoin short positions provided momentum to the market. Simultaneously, data shows that more liquidity is entering the digital asset market, supporting sustained growth.

How will the team lead to new goals in the bull market of 2024?

Jonah stated, “Initially, we served large institutions and specific clients, but over time, the addition of regional directors for Europe, America, and Asia has allowed us to expand our services better.” Through the continuous improvement of the Trident Strategy asset custody service and meeting the diverse financial needs of users, Plan B KRYPTO ASSETS plans to create a decentralized autonomous organization (PLAN-DAO), aiming to establish global PLAN clubs and increase the user base to rank among the top 50 globally.

The reporter learned that the elite team’s global personal digital asset services and the “Trident Strategy” introduced by Plan provide significant advantages for individual users. How was the introduction of core AI technology achieved in this model?

Jonah explained, “Our team spans various fields, including computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and a deep understanding of financial markets. Through global recruitment of outstanding talents led by Chief Technology Officer Felix Schulz, after 15 months of research and development and over a year of practical testing, we successfully developed an advanced AI trading system based on quantitative robots. With a robust AI technology team, our system has four major technical advantages: 1. Automatic identification of trades, recognizing various technical indicators and selecting corresponding trading strategies for opening and closing positions; 2. Automatic upgrade and evolution, continuously improving the accuracy of trading strategies based on accumulated data; 3. Year-round operation, operating 24/7 without interruption, capturing every market trend; 4. Avoiding human errors, the AI system is not influenced by human emotions and fatigue, mitigating human errors and improving accuracy and reliability.”

From the description above, we understand that Plan Assets has a deep understanding of the digital asset ecosystem and has incorporated AI technology into its development strategy, showcasing tremendous economic potential. Digital assets are expected to enhance trading efficiency and unleash untapped economic value. So, how will Plan scale up, and how will it achieve the 2-year plan to launch 10,000 clubs?

Jonah stated, “By the end of 2023, our asset scale had reached $170 million USDT in just six months, gaining support from strategic partners internationally. Through the establishment of a decentralized autonomous organization, we are committed to providing safe and stable wealth opportunities for more people. While pursuing returns, we maintain a prudent strategy that allows us to profit under various market conditions. In the future, we will continue to innovate and flexibly adapt to market changes while focusing on serving global customers. I firmly believe that, with continuous effort, the goal of establishing 10,000 clubs will be achieved.”

Finally, what motivates Plan Assets to continue building in the world of digital assets?

Jonah stated, “I am still learning and evolving. As we contemplate how to make the world a better place, digital assets have awakened the Plan team, and now we believe that digital assets are the only way for people to have digital freedom.”

Through the exclusive interview with Jonah Fischer, CEO of the digital asset unicorn Plan, we gained a deep understanding that the era of digital assets is officially unfolding, and Plan Assets is actively leading this financial revolution. The history of currency as a driver of societal progress has fostered business prosperity, achieving the transfer of temporal wealth and resources. However, over time, currency has also become a target of greed and plunder.

Today, Plan Assets stands at the forefront of reshaping the banking, financial, and social structures. The era of physical currency or cash is gradually fading away, and the era of digital assets has arrived. On the international and domestic stages, a new round of competition between official and private currencies is gradually emerging. This transformation is driven by digital asset technology, not only promoting innovation but also making basic digital financial services more accessible to a wider audience.


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