Famous DJ Hari Surat announces preparing for his new mashup series

Famous DJ Hari Surat announces preparing for his new mashup series

DJ Hari Surat’s announcement of his upcoming tracks has created a whirl on the internet. As fans can’t wait to tune into his track, many of them have already started guessing what can it be.

DJ Hari Surat aka Harshad B Shimpi is currently one of the most common and popular names among all Gen Z. It has not been a very long time since DJ Hari Surat made it to the public eye but within this very short span, he has made a humongous name for himself. His unmeasurably energetic and enthusiastic DDM music has been the primary reason for this attention. As it is often heard from the audience “The party is already a hit when Hari is in it.”

Hari has been in this genre for a long, trying to make a name for himself. He wanted to get as much work as possible but did not when he initially started. However, the moment he started playing in a few small gigs like marriages, parties, or local events, people started to love his pieces. With this, he soon started to get events at the city level. He played across various cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat, all of these located in his home state, Gujarat. With his sheer brilliant performances here too, got him more gigs all over India including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and other metropolitan hubs. He started gaining a name overnight from these gigs. People loved his crazy energy and vibrant mixing. They showered him with love and appreciation. This also made him open his own Youtube channel which currently has more than 1 lakh subscribers.

Other than DDM music, he also started making popular Gujarati song remixes which were an instant hit. People loved his way of new style chillout, retro, and triplet remixes. DJ Hari Surat even introduced Gujarati Mashup which has 20 Million views on Youtube consisting of 100 plus artists and singers. He has earlier worked with several celebrities like Chello Divas director Krishnadev Yagnik, popular Youtuber Gigli, and Khajur and has worked under several popular banners like T-series Gujarati, Saraswati Studio, Raghav Digital, RDC Gujarati, Ram Audio, Jigar Studio, Saregama, Times Music.

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