Mohammad Saeid Moala, an Iranian Musician

Mohammad Saeid Moala, an Iranian Musician

Mohammad Saeid Moala, an Iranian musician who was previously a professional athlete at the international level, has attracted the attention of music enthusiasts with his new musical style.
For the past few years, he has been known for his songwriting and singing, and has managed to garner the interest of the music community by creating a new genre of music.

Mohammad Saeid Moala created a new niche in music by combining traditional Iranian music with rap. He believes that the art of Iranian music is extremely beautiful and infinite.

Recently, he announced the release of his music “Iham” on his Instagram page (@mohammadsaeidmoala).

Iham is a fusion of traditional Iranian music and rap. In this piece, he has used epic verses to evoke a greater impact on the listener.

After listening to Iham, one realizes that he has presented the art of Iranian music in an epic and exciting manner.

Mohammad Saeid Moala, who was a kickboxing coach, has published articles about music that address technical issues of music and singing.

He lives in Iran and continues to be engaged in his athletic training.

He says, “Music and sports are inseparable and will always coexist.”

His music Iham has trended in Iran, showing that Iranian music enthusiasts have appreciated this new style. In his interviews with various news agencies, his focus on blending Iranian music with rap has been evident.

He is currently working on new music that he plans to release globally next month, surprising his fans.

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