ForexGLO: Determinedly moving to the top of the music scene in the US.

ForexGLO: Determinedly moving to the top of the music scene in the US.

ForexGLO’s incredible musical talents have spoken for him, which has earned him a massive fan following.

It is indeed quite astounding to learn about all those people who, instead of only running behind success first, make sure to secure excellence. This very attitude and approach in life while working across any field and sector of the world have truly changed the trajectory of a few people’s careers and have even given them stunning recognition and massive growth in their respective industries. Many among these include the youngsters of today, who never shy away from taking risks in life, which ultimately becomes a huge contributing factor in the success they achieve in their careers. Something similar happened with Keyvon Griffin, now popularly known as ForexGLO, who in a literal sense has made quite a glowing impact of his and his music in the American music scene.

ForexGLO was born on 28th March 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, the US. He grew up just like any other kid from the neighbourhood with big dreams in his eyes to make it huge in his career. Initially, he was driven by the financial sectors, where he grew up to be a successful Forex trader and also the founder of his companies FGInvestments & ForexGLO trademarks. However, listening to what his heart sought, he pursued a career in music much early. Today at 22 years of age, ForexGLO has been making it huge in the field and has been consistently getting to the top even amidst other talented players in the industry.

All of his songs so far, like 5am, Club, Long Walks, Lone, Club, This That, 11:11, Smoove, and many others very effortlessly makes listeners groove and make them feel compelled to keep listening to all of his songs, available across well-known streaming platforms like Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/1FGg2GeTLlwgdGemUO4aPT), Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and others. His growing number of listeners, streams, and following is proof of his increasing presence in the vast musical world.

The young hip-hop and rap artist is determined to keep moving his way to the top in the music space of the US.


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