Frankie Mohylsky’s Journey in Tech Marketing

Frankie Mohylsky’s Journey in Tech Marketing

Frankie Mohylsky is a brilliant mind that has worked in the technology field for the last 11 years. During that time, she worked at VMware for two years and specialized in software and services. She also works with different firms and corporations to overcome modern challenges that they face. In 2017, she moved to NYC and opened Cicayda’s northeast headquarters and was then awarded as one of Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30 Professionals due to her philanthropic work and her amazing leadership qualities, as well as, all of the success that she made professionally.

Frankie Mohylsky did not always dream of being a pioneer and entrepreneur in the tech and marketing world. However, she gained interest in it when she started working at a personal injury law firm. It was here that she was introduced to the deep ins and outs that come with the territory of legal marketing and learned from that law firm how to attract and gain new clients. This initial experience is what gave her a real leg up when it came to legal tech marketing.

Right in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Frankie and her team of marketing experts launched a new SaaS software, called Novara Search, a tool that allows users to simultaneously search, review and manage data from multiple social media accounts for the legal industry. Before the product release, she and her team were not so sure that they could successfully launch a tool like this with such uncertainty in the economy and world, but they decided to go for it. The biggest challenge at the time was convincing people that they needed their service and that their new software would help them. Since people are working from home more than ever before, they used that to their advantage and marketed toward people who needed SaaS software that they could use from anywhere in the world. They saw that this tactic was interesting to people and they began gaining even more traction as they became a known trusted partner among their clients.

Before putting the software onto the market, there were a few things that Frankie and her team had to think through so that they were set up for success. They decided to use a couple of top-notch marketing strategies in place that could help them somewhat automate their marketing efforts so they could focus on the actual product. Her team relied on marketing platforms such as Hubspot because they were able to automate a lot of their work such as marketing, demonstration of the product, meetings, emails, social media advertising, etc. This allowed her and her team to really focus on the development of the new legal tech marketing software while automatically campaigning toward their targeted audience.

Frankie and her team learned that though it takes a lot of work and you want to put out an impeccable product, it is absolutely vital that you really focus on your buyers and what they want from start to finish. You want their process of finding and buying your product to be as seamless as possible and so that everyone understands the tool that you have to offer.

Frankie’s journey to launch and market Novara Search during the pandemic offers key insight that can be applied to anyone faced with challenges this year.

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