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Understanding the phenomenon known as UTE

Understanding the phenomenon known as UTE

In a world focused on rare musical prodigies, few care to know about those who dedicated their lives to honing their craft. But it is they who make the most lasting impact on the world of music. German artist UTE is certainly one of them.

UTE’s career so far has been extensive, to say the least. With more than a dozen albums out in the last decade, she could hardly be called an amateur artist. Each year, she has been trying to bring out something special for her fans. The latest song, called “Happiness Together,” was produced by her mentor and Grammy award winner Kurt Wipfli. The song is about the impact bullying has on people and how one can rise above the negativity and find happiness in life. But if there is something that could be called her specialty, it is her Christmas songs. UTE believes that Christmas is a special moment for spreading joy, and she has been doing the same through her Christmas songs over the years. From “Let It Snow” to “Winter Wonderland,” her songs personify the Christmas spirit’s best aspects. This time too, she is almost ready to launch her new song, “Santa Is Knocking At My Door.” Given her record, one can say safely that the song will set the right Christmas mood for you.

One of the first places that witnessed the miracle of UTE was the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes games. Since 2011, UTE has been a constant presence for the team before their home matches. Today, the team and their fans find the games incomplete without UTE opening with the national anthem. Her second staple song is the theme song she herself composed for the team – “Go Canes Go”. This was also the place where UTE demonstrated her stunning stage presence. With witty humor and a charming smile, she easily controls an enthusiastic crowd. This was perhaps best seen in Eckernförd last year. Despite bad weather, few listeners and a general bad mood for the fans, UTE worked her magic effortlessly. By the end of her performance, everyone was in the right mood for the game. Few would expect the timid-looking singer to command such stage presence, but you have to see it to believe it.

UTE’s love affair with music began at a young age of just four years. She recalls the passion she had for music even before she could understand what being a singer meant. From gardening sessions behind her house to the long road trips, music became the companion she needed. This affair reached its maturity when she decided that she wanted to make a career in the field. The route was long and tough, but UTE is nothing if not persistent. Finally, the stars started shining on her at the beginning of the 2010s, with her albums getting her due recognition. Today, UTE is a superstar.

UTE’s style of music is as special as her. Unlike her popular contemporaries, she never cared about the commercial aspect of her music. For her, the soul of the song mattered more than anything else. UTE prefers a minimalistic style of music. Her songs are not filled with a band of sounds, but only the bare minimum. She prominently uses a saxophone, acoustic guitar and a cello – each instrument chosen for the distinctive flavor it imparts to her compositions. Her lyrics follow the same route. Instead of being verbose, UTE delivers the most with few words. But those words carry profound meaning that most listeners need multiple hearings to understand. Her unique style has perhaps what awarded her the massive fan following she has today.

To completely understand UTE the artist, one must try to know UTE the person. What exactly makes her the fine musician she is? Much of it could be attributed to her persistence and determination. Ever since she first expressed her desire to become a singer, she was met with sceptics. Most people didn’t think that the frail and simple girl has it in her to break through the top ranks. Through sheer will and hard work, she proved everyone wrong. It took a long time, but patience is another of her unfailing virtues. Once she sets her mind to something, the time and efforts doesn’t matter to her anymore – she will achieve her goal anyhow. In an industry filled with glamour and glitter, it is often to forget the importance of real virtues. UTE has not forgotten them even a bit.

The life of UTE is nothing less than inspiring. It is only lucky for us that director Aaron Lee decided to make a documentary on it. Titled “Music Makes Me Fly”, the documentary covers the smaller aspects of the singer’s life and gives us an insight into the artist behind the stage and the songs. The documentary is in post-production and will soon release on Amazon Prime.

You can follow UTE on Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.

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