How Mike Barron Built A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

How Mike Barron Built A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

In many cultures, talking about money or wanting money is frowned upon. Many people think about money as a taboo topic and that is why they stay broke. Hating money does not attract more money, it repels it. Money is not evil, money is energy, and like it or not, we all need money to live which is why most people trade time for money. Telling someone he/she can have all the money and freedom they want sounds like an unrealistic promise, but in today’s digital economy, this is the REALITY.

No matter what your background, age, educational level, if you want this “dream” to be your reality, you can make it happen. Mike Barron is a great example of this, a two time 2-Comma Club Winner, will teach you the steps that he took to go from eating cups of noodles as his fancy meals to building a multi-million dollar empire.

Mike was born and raised to a 16-year-old single mother. He already considered himself a gangster at a very young age, been through a lot of troubles until the time he graduated high school. He has experienced extreme poverty and grew up with government assistance, never dreamt of becoming who he is now.

I didn’t grow up with the resources that most people think will make them rich. I did not win the lottery and I most definitely did not grow up with rich parents. All I did was learn the fundamental skills to make money.” Says Mike.

Here are the 5 steps that you need to master becoming a millionaire.

1. Don’t look rich — BE RICH! Sometimes, when you come from a lot of struggles in life, it is easy to go crazy once you start making money. It is important to remember spending your money on shiny objects at this stage can be a deadly mistake. If you want to become rich, you have to invest the money you make in things that make you more money such as mentorship, learning a new skill, or buying assets. “People don’t do business with me because I look rich. I’m a millionaire, but I still dress like a gangster, but people do business with me because they know I show up and take this seriously.” says, Mike.

2. Commit to your goals, don’t let anyone tell you “you dream too big”. People who are doing better than you will never tell you to stop dreaming big. In order to stay committed to your goals, you should surround yourself with people who also have big goals. This will push you to level up. Money does not care where you came from, ask the universe for it, work for it, and it will flow. You have to understand that money is an energy and as long as you raise your vibration and truly believe that you can have it, it will appear. Money loves people that have a great work ethic but also strong beliefs.

3. Get a MILLIONAIRE mentor. If you are reading this, you most likely grew up poor or grew up in a middle-class household, but you strongly want to become a millionaire. You have read about many people who have made it. When you hire a millionaire mentor who will teach you the roadmap to success, you immediately tell the universe you are serious and ready for exponential growth. You will also have access to all the resources necessary to build your empire and hiring a mentor is an essential step in your journey.

4. Master sales. Sales is a career that most people fear. It pushes people out of their comfort zone, but in reality, how to do sales is the main skill everyone should master in order to earn more money. Everything in life is a negotiation and with sales, there is no gap in how much you can earn. If you want control of your finances, learn how to do sales.

5. Value your time. Spend your time reading, learning new skills, and becoming a person of value. Watching tv every day will not make you rich.

Apply these five steps and watch how rapidly your life and finances change. You can get started developing your sales skills for free here. Follow Mike’s journey to grow your wealth with his daily advice.

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