From Battle to Business: How Dan Ashburn Built the Titan Network

From Battle to Business: How Dan Ashburn Built the Titan Network

One half of Titan Network, Dan Ashburn, possesses natural leadership, having served in the military and launching a company, with an emphasis on technology and an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, his talents have also shined his career path in inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Ashburn launched his digital career after creating his first website at just 13 years old. As he continued to grow, both physically and technologically, he started to improve his skills in variations like, SEO rankings, ebook affiliate marketing, Amazon associates and more.

“That was in the early days of SEO,” he said. “I had a technical geek in me, and I was hooked on this idea that the entrepreneurial sky was limitless when it came to creating money and wealth.”

When he joined the British Airforce, he developed his natural leadership skills and abilities, especially after garnering team leader laurels. He still, to this day, has the same ability to guide teams and maintain a level head, earning him admiration by everyone he comes across.

“After I conquered basic training, I went through communications school and it solidified my technical ability” said Ashburn. “We did all the Windows courses, networking courses, and radar. I set the first 100% score on the Windows exam which I was very proud of.”

Following 4.5 years in the military, which also included a tour in the Middle East, he witnessed, firsthand, the value of teamwork. He served in his technical position with the Air Force on fighter jets called, ‘typhoons’, and focused on his side hustle, at night in the dorms, managing his ecommerce business in which he resold web hosting sites and helped others on their sites too.

When he turned 21 years old, Ashburn made an executive decision for his life. Instead of becoming an officer in the military, he opted to launch his own business. Along with his best friend, the two launched an agency that went on to launch more than 200 websites and well over 600 SEO campaigns as well. Additionally, the company also developed and built ecommerce sites for nearly 500,000 each month, over several years of operation.

“Along the journey I was always looking for something more sustainable, something more tangible for myself, like a real business, is what I would tell myself,” Ashburn recalled.

It was in 2014 when Ashburn felt he had found his true calling, after purchasing a ticket to a selling-on-Amazon expo. He then decided to set out to create his new Amazon-centric venture, which propelled him to instant success and being hailed as one of the most-sought speakers at worldwide events.

“The last few years have been a whirlwind,”said Ashburn. “But I got a name for myself in the Amazon community quite quickly because there weren’t many guys like me around with the technical skills, strategic skills, and with the experience to back it up.”

Building the Foundation of the Titan Network

It was at a speaking event in China, at China Magic, where Ashburn met Athena Severi.

“I was already doing some coaching events that I just kind of fell into really because a lot of people were asking how I did things, but what I learned rather quickly is you can go out there and just help people, but one to two percent of them actually ever take action and take it seriously because they have no investment in it,” said Ashburn. “They have no reason to show up other than you’ve taken time out of your day to show them your systems and show them what needs to be done. Paid coaching showed me what can be done when you have people invested in their success, taking it seriously and working towards a goal.”

Ashburn and Severi instantly clicked and their vision was in unison. He noticed, after seeing her speak, that she garnered the spotlight with authentic and electric charisma. The two entrepreneurs partnered to help others achieve their business goals and dreams as well.

“Me and Dan, we shine. We bring positive and amazing energy together. We bring people back to life, we give them family. We are so much more than just a business,” said Severi. “A lot of people in the industry tried to tear us apart, but that cannot happen because we are such a unique and authentic combination of skills and personalities.”

This dynamic duo left China having made a profound impact on audiences throughout the power of their mentorship and took advantage of the great opportunity, after drafting numerous pages of market research in the hotel lobby together, to found the Titan Network. Business communities and entrepreneurs were already bombarding them with questions and tip requests to help them grow their respective businesses.

The company is spearheaded by Ashburn, who has vast experience in Amazon ecommerce, marketing and leadership, paired with Severi’s expertise in networking and building communities, while together, Titan Network helps sellers build their brand, sell and scale. When entrepreneurs join the network, they will enhance their respective journeys, from Project 0, those just starting out, through the exit strategy in Group 4. This unique model allows them to receive knowledge, experience and ultimately find success, while networking with other entrepreneurs.

“I am a big believer in standing behind what you do and standing by results of the brands I personally generate, and we are partnered in. Titan is definitely doing that in more ways than one, financially and with life goals,” said Ashburn. “There were a lot of ups and downs, triumphs, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in various experiences and products to get where I am today. That’s the journey, and now Titan Network is one of the largest networks of experienced sellers that I know of and we really are redefining strategy and what it means to be successful in this business.”

About Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn is an industry-leading Amazon entrepreneur with a team that delivers 8-figures in annual sales. Having used his ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset to build countless brands, he has become a sought-after speaker, inspiring crowds with his leadership and depth of knowledge on stages across the world. Dan is the Head Mentor on China Magic, the co-creator of Amazing Selling Machine, and most recently, the co-founder of Titan Network, an exclusive membership organization for elite Amazon sellers. For more information on Dan and Titan Network, please visit:

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