From beginnings to success – with Nasce, Cresce, Ignora

From beginnings to success – with Nasce, Cresce, Ignora

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® is a project I started in 2016.

It was born, almost for fun, from an idea that at the time I would have defined utopian, especially considering my only eighteen years and being still a high school student. Everything takes shape after a very short time and has an effective start with the creation of the official Facebook page (“Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®”) which today boasts over 550,000 followers and subsequently with the creation of the Instagram account that has assets, today, over 2,100,000 followers.

Over the years it becomes a real reality. Today Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® is: a registered trademark, a company and, above all, a point of reference in Italy (and beyond) for hundreds of thousands of boys and girls. This has also allowed us to develop, in addition to the various projects, a real Network.

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® will it expand in other aspects / projects?

Of course yes! We certainly don’t lack ideas! Over the years, we have always tried to improve, evolve, keep up with the times, even with the realization of new projects.

It is no coincidence that I was talking about Network before: referring to what from an initial project of a single Facebook page has become an entertainment giant with more than 5 Facebook / Instagram pages, all of the Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® circuit.

They are niche pages (such as Nasce, Cresce, Respawna®, the most followed page in Italy in the gaming sector) which however faithfully maintain the business criteria and approaches that have always distinguished us and of which we are very proud. Beyond this we have recently created an official website where, in addition to the possibility of purchasing our merchandising, it will be possible to find various items, direct contacts and the various services we offer to companies and individuals.

I would say that the expansion has been there and will certainly continue to be there, just keep following us to discover everything we will continue to achieve.

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® have any responsibilities?

I believe that Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® has many responsibilities. However, I would not like to dwell on those purely working or towards the companies with which we establish commercial relationships. Rather, I believe that it is only right to look at the most important responsibility we have: the social one. I have always tried to establish transparent communication with our followers. And thanks to this, I was able to transmit, in my “small”, values ​​that are essential for me.

We have often tried to raise awareness of young and very young people on important issues (environmental, social, etc.). We will always continue to take the responsibility we know we have to our large audience very seriously. The irony that has always distinguished us will never touch the seriousness and importance of issues that instead deserve to be discussed in the right way.

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