Travel Enthusiast Kfir Amos Makes Big Business Moves

Travel Enthusiast Kfir Amos Makes Big Business Moves

Everyone should get the opportunity to travel to different places throughout their lifetime, but not all do. A lack of time prevents many people from visiting other countries and seeing exciting new things. Kfir Amos is a travel lover who refuses to allow a job or anything else to get in his way of doing what he loves most. Instead, he used his passion for traveling to develop new ideas and start businesses instead of working for someone else.

“While I initially worked in a restaurant and held down other jobs periodically while traveling, I knew I needed to find a way to make a reliable income. So, I started my blog and e-commerce business,” said Amos. “Traveling With Style is a blog designed with travel enthusiasts in mind. I created it to share my travels with others while offering helpful tips and suggestions to ensure other travelers could enjoy their experiences even more. While I still regularly contribute to the blog, there are many other things that I work on throughout each week.”

Along with his blog, Kfir Amos started a business, Bay Tech Media. The development of this business came after he sold the e-commerce business that he successfully ran for four years! The idea behind Bay Tech Media is to provide media services to companies needing support and guidance with creating content on social media. First, Kfir Amos and his team consult with the clients, discuss goals, and take essential steps to create a buzz around the products advertised by each client. 

In addition to dedicating time to help small and big businesses garner attention for their products on social media, Kfir Amos has started working on a new project, NFT Creators. This project aims to provide a safe space for artists to showcase their work and share encouraging commentary with one another. Artists can display work at different stages, receive feedback, and network with one another to create awareness for themselves and their artwork. “We published this platform two months ago and have already had success with it. We made sure to create a community surrounding the platform beforehand. It worked in our favor because now dozens of artists are using the platform to showcase their incredible talents,” said Amos.

Between his many successful business ventures, Kfir Amos still finds time to travel while posting images and details on his travels to his travel blog. Along with talking about his travels, he enjoys providing honest reviews on hotels in the different places he visits while working with green hotels that support sustainability. It’s easy to see that Amos is a man of many talents who works hard for what he wants. However, he’s also a passionate person who cares about humanity and wants to help others succeed.

“I would like to see myself retire five years from now. The goal is to retire and have more time to help small businesses grow while giving back to humanity. I’m positive that I can make that happen,” said Amos. He looks forward to reaching that goal of retirement in the coming years.

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